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Emergence of NGPP


Emergence of NGPP

It’s one thing to recruit international students to a campus. It is another thing entirely to:

  • Recruit international students that are a good fit for an institution and program;
  • Give them the tools they need to adapt to the social, linguistic, and academic culture in the US;
  • Ensure they feel supported during their studies so challenges that inevitably come up don’t derail their entire program of study.

We have seen, all too many times, institutions struggle with one or more of these components. Sometimes the problem is lack of capacity, sometimes it is lack of expertise, and sometimes it is lack of understanding of the intricacies of the cultures or academic systems of source countries for students.

We have also seen, and been a part of, institutional internationalization that really works – and have seen campuses experience the beauty of opening themselves to the world. They become more vibrant, interesting, intelligent communities. Their students – international and domestic – gain experiences that pave the way to better careers and better lives.

This is why we formed Next Generation Pathway Program. Our US partners trust us to help them recruit, prepare, and support international students responsibly and effectively.