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India Catalyst – India Market Expansion

India Catalyst – India Market Expansion

An increasing number of colleges and universities are trying to recruit Indian students on their own, later discovering that to accelerate growth, they’ll need to have a local office to leverage resources such as business development channel and admissions processing.This is where M Square Media comes into the picture.

Having a permanent representation in India has proved its effectiveness in demonstrating to the Indian agents a long-term commitment, and at the same time it increases the institution’s visibility.

India Catalyst is designed to enhance your operations in the Indian market. MSM appoints an exclusive and dedicated team that will be trained to act as the your extended arm in India. By going through us, you are guaranteed of the results- the mutually agreed number of Indian students will be recruited in the first year of operations itself.

For information on INDIA CATALYST program, please contact us!

INDIA Catalyst