M Square Media | March 21, 2017International Higher Education ForumLondon, UK
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March 21, 2017
International Higher Education Forum
London, UK


14 Apr March 21, 2017
International Higher Education Forum
London, UK

Come join us at the International Higher Education Forum London, UK

Start date:  March 21, 2017
Venue: ILEC Conference Centre, London, UK

The recent radical political shifts in the UK have caused a lot of concerns and challenges within the further and higher education industry. Join MSM Director, Stephen Wallis at the International Higher Education Forum in London where these issues will be addressed by experienced sector professionals, government and partner organisations and senior overseas representatives.

This timely event will prove invaluable for those who will be affected whether directly or indirectly by BREXIT. The themes for this forum are as follows:

  • HE in tumultuous times – the political, economic and geopolitical changes affecting your international strategy
  • HE’s role in the UK’s industrial strategy, soft power and science diplomacy
  • Research funding – opportunities outside the European Union
  • Ways to grow reputations internationally using partnerships and campaigns

The International Higher Education Forum is particularly important for higher education professionals whose portfolio includes international responsibilities. Last year’s event saw more than 400 people in attendance and this year promises to be even bigger. The changes in the UK affects us all. It is important that we highlight and formulate solutions to the associated challenges. A wide range of industry experts will be engaged in this highly informative forum and will address all relevant issues.

To prearrange a meeting please feel free to contact us @ stephen@msquaremedia.com.

Alternatively, if you are unable to attend the conference we would be delighted to arrange a meeting or telephone call to discuss how we support institutions from across the world. To set up a meeting or arrange a call please contact us.