Mentora College of Business & Technology is a career college located in Toronto, Ontario, which offers two diploma programs:  Business Administration Management and Hotel Management as well as an accredited English Language Academy.

Reporting to the Vice President MSM Higher Ed, the Director of Studies (DoS), will be responsible for the overall management of academic and language programs at Mentora College including, faculty/instructor leadership and management, academic administration, program development, student success and education relation operations management.  

The location of work will be on the Mentora College Campus in Toronto. 


Faculty Leadership and Management

  • Provide leadership and bring excitement, enthusiasm and commitment to the Programs.
  • Responsible for the recruitment of a qualified instructional team in line with student enrollment. Onboard new instructional staff, facilitate teacher training and development, and serve as a mentor in the implementation of effective teaching skills.
  • Arranges for substitute instructors when the scheduled instructor must be absent; and ensure to support the substitute in prepping for their class based on the weekly course schematic and input from the absentee instructor. On occasion, the DoS may be required to act as the substitute. 
  • Ensures teachers are up to date with administrative procedures including registers, progress reports and grading. Ensures teachers produce weekly course schematics and that these are filed and referred to systematically to avoid repetition of work.
  • Works with Human Resources to arrange contracts of employment and ensure all supporting documentation is on file with Human Resources. Conducts regular instructor evaluations that may include classroom observation and other such appraisal including student evaluations and maintain records of Instructor observation & appraisal.
  • Initiates and participates in faculty meetings and ensure meeting notes are recorded, filed and circulated. 
  • Participates in College wide activities such as orientations, graduation exercises, and other functions as appropriate.

Academic Administration 

  • Ensures the efficient scheduling of classes to achieve optimum class sizes; 
  • Allocation of teaching staff to each course; 
  • Ensures relevant academic supplies or resources are available for instructional staff and students as appropriate; 
  • Ensures there are ebooks or hardcopy books available for students in time for class start dates; 
    • Ensures appropriate invigilation of exams or entry testing.  
    • Works with the admissions and recruitment teams to ensure appropriate instructions and updates to course materials are accurate from an academic perspective. 
    • The DoS ensures all Practicum placement and Cooperative Education program policy, procedures and processes are met including; ensuring a sufficient employer base, program documentation and agreements are fulfilled and regular student/employer follow up and feedback is maintained.  
  • Mentora College utilizes an integrated student information system which includes course details, program details and performs as a learning management platform. The DoS will utilize this resource for academic administration and will ensure instructional staff are familiar, trained and utilizing the platform according to standard operating procedures including:  the maintenance of course and program schedules; recording student attendance, uploading of course outline and course resources for students, posting assignments, collecting completed assignments, sharing grading feedback; posting grades and using the platform for all communications with students. 
  • Actively engages in accreditation processes including Languages Canada accreditation, Ministry audits and other quality assurance processes that may be required by the College. 

Program and Curriculum Development

  • Innovates, develops, and delivers an effective learning environment using available resources incorporating various teaching/learning methods to meet the course objectives.
  • Ensures adherence to policy and procedures for face2face, online, and hybrid models of learning as consistent with policy of the college and/or other regulatory bodies. 
  • With an eye to the labour market and market demand, propose the development of new programs and courses and coordinate the development of such programs including following the steps for private career college program approval.
  • Collaborates and support the head English Language teacher in the development of short term language training programs to accommodate short term study groups. 
  • Participates in professional development activities and programs as required by accreditation/regulatory agencies.


  • The DoS may be required to maintain some teaching requirements in which case, the DoS in the capacity of instructor will: 
    • Deliver effective lessons using available resources and incorporating various teaching/learning methods to meet the course outcomes
    • Plan lessons, assignments, utilize class management strategies and facilitate course assessments in a timely manner appropriate for student feedback. t of the students’ work
    • Challenging ideas, encouraging students to develop skills and knowledge in critical thinking

Student Success

  • Monitors student academic progress, grades, and attendance, ensures records are updated, reviewed for consistency and approves final course results.  
  • Encourages students with academic challenges, questions or complaints to work directly with their instructor.  Where matters cannot be resolved, work with the instructor and students towards resolution. 
  • Makes contacts with coop employers and coordinates the coop program in the absence of a cooper coordinator. 
  • Connects with students and alumni informally in order to build relationships, waive the College flag and support the overall good will of the college. 
  • Liaise with different departments on academic and other student-related matters.


  • Ensures all educational activity is conducted in a legal and ethical manner and follows quality assurance and regulatory requirements. 
  • Represents the College at Languages Canada and other associates related to the academic and language delivery at the College. 
  • Performs other duties and responsibilities consistent with the needs of the education division and the Vice President. 


The requirements for this position include: 

  • Graduate degree consistent with existing programs at the college, or in education leadership or in another relevant degree from a recognized institution. 
  • TESL Certificate is an asset
  • Minimum 3 years experience as a director of studies or academic coordinator.
  • Demonstrated experience in program development and approval processes. 
  • Demonstrated experience in following quality assurance and external regulatory compliance processes 
  • Demonstrated experience providing instructor training for a variety of delivery modes. 
  • English language proficiency at native English levels.  Fluency in a second language would be an asset. 

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

Salary: $65,000.00-$70,000.00 per year