Effective driving of enabling processes and achieving the Planned Top-Line and Bottom-Line of B2C Businesses.

 B2C Portfolio currently comprises of:-

  • One stop solution for Students who wanted to Study Abroad. Product Portfolio Management (Alignment of team in terms of Handling Students queries country wise).
  •  Strategy to ensure desired Variable Contribution and Bottom-Line.
  • Network Expansion & Management.
  •  Sales-Force Effectiveness.
  •  Developing & Deploying Promotion Strategies for Product Offerings.
  •  Active Participation in various Best Practices of the Organization.
  •  Contribution to Common Divisional Objectives & Processes.
  • Ensuring strategies to mitigate the various risks identified for the Division and Function.
  • Processes for and adherence to all the Organizational Policies & Guidelines.

Job Description:

Business Planning and Delivery of Results:

  • Develop a robust business strategy.
  • Analyse competition and conduct global benchmarking.
  • Be the champion of the Student’s voice, using formal, structured sources of Student insights, in the strategic planning process.
  • Consequently, frame relevant business objectives such as:
    • Revenue per salesperson, per geography (city/ state) per Country per Product per In-take, etc. 
    • Collections by salesperson, by geography(city/ state) per Country per Product per In-take, etc. 
    • Market share by state, by Line of Business 
    • Brand metrics – awareness, consideration, preference, advocacy, and associations
    • Profitability (EBITDA and EBT as a percentage of revenue)
    • Channel metrics – reach, extraction etc.
  • Develop a granular strategy execution plan and monitor the same to drive results on the relevant business objectives.

Brand Development and Communication:

  • Develop an insight-led brand strategy and secure buy-in for key choices in the brand strategy, especially the choice of client and guide rails for brand expression.
  • Define the marketing budget and institutionalize a system for monitoring and reporting on the same.
  • Approve communication material such as advertisements on various media, exhibition kits, selling aids, brochures, trade, etc., and activation platforms.
  • Measure & improve on brand-business metrics.

Product and Innovation Management:

  • Lead a structured approach towards the gathering of insights –, clients, trade and competition.
  • Identify gaps in the product portfolio and take data-based decisions (including sourcing of traded products) to address the same, if required by the strategic plan.
  • Continuously gather and monitor customer usage patterns, pain points, and other feedback so that product upgrades / rectifications can made in a timely manner.

Sales and Channel Effectiveness:

  • Manage the country wise portfolio – traditional as well as online – to deliver the desired sales and profitability objectives.
  • Formulate sales policy (pricing policy, channel strategy, trade discounts & incentives, etc).
  • Develop and nurture a highly motivated & trained sales team
  • Formulate Sales Incentive Scheme to incentivize.
  • Improve reach and extraction across key markets.

Client Experience Management:

  • Lead the innovation and improvement process for service delivery and an all-round outstanding experience of the brand.
  • Lead the process of understanding the client decision-making journey & usage cycle.
  • Develop and implement action plans to enhance the customer’s experience of our brand across all critical touchpoints.
  • Develop, implement and continuously improve after-sales service delivery i.e. form application submission till VISA Approval.
  • Develop and institutionalize the ongoing measurement of client satisfaction so that it provides feedback to improve customer experience re-design.

People & Team Management:

  • Nurture an environment where people work together, feel free to express themselves, and learn from each other through diligent deployment. (Planning for Execution).
  • Identify critical roles within the LOB and ensure that they are staffed by employees who have met the criteria of ‘talent’.
  • Develop individual development plans for direct reports and review progress periodically.
  • Build a team that values and rewards accountability that is, in turn, enabled by empowerment.
  • Develop measures to gauge managerial productivity and monitor the same.

Compliance with company-wide policies and initiatives:

  • Provide active support to all verticals, in terms of sharing data intelligence.
  • Understand and ensure compliance with all statutory requirements.
  • Support the Business Head in their endeavour to be the ‘Voice of their Industry’.


Essential Qualification: Graduate/ Post Graduate qualification in Business Management
Preferred Qualification: Post Graduate qualification in Business Management


Essential Experience: 12 years of work experience with proven expertise in the management of product portfolios, brands, and channels at a middle management level.
Preferred Experience: Candidates with experience in product life-cycle management and retail operations.

Special Skills Required:

  • Ability to generate, evaluate & choose from among a range of strategic options.
  • Ability to synthesize diverse sources of information.
  • Critiquing skills (Giving constructive feedback to team members).
  • Reviewing skills (Asking the right questions to encourage the generation of creative possibilities to solve problems).
  •  Ability to build strategic plans for, at least, a 3-year horizon.
  • Result orientation.
  • Strong persuasion and communication skills.
  • Ability to motivate one’s team to deliver on expectations.
  • Ability to harness the potential of ecosystems – partners, experts, industry associations, etc.