The Role 

MSM Unify is looking for a qualified, organized, passionate, and committed Manager – Recruitment and Support to develop, nurture, and maintain strong relationships with education  agents, counselors, and international education consultants to help make MSM Unify the top  platform in its space.  

What You’ll Do 

  • Establish and maintain positive, productive relationships with education agents,  counselors, and international education consultants 
  • Meet with agents regularly and conduct presentations, seminars and spot evaluation  sessions 
  • Expertly discuss and pitch MSM Unify to target agents and other stakeholders  
  • Train and upskill agents, as well as design training programs, in international recruitment  and the long-term use and adoption of MSM Unify as an automated student recruitment  and marketing platform  
  • Pitch, market, and promote Abcodo as the dedicated recruitment partner of MSM Unify 
  • Promote Abcodo partner institutions and extend support to partner recruitment agents for  maximizing results  
  • Prepare high-quality and effective training materials  
  • A demonstrated ability to speak effectively to small and large groups in both informal and  formal settings 
  • Proactively generate ideas to develop and harness business opportunities  
  • Work independently with minimal supervision 
  • Exercise sound judgment and maintain a high degree of confidentiality 
  • Proactively generate ideas to develop business opportunities 

Who We’re Looking For 

  • Minimum 5 years of experience in International Education Recruitment/Sales – experience in different domains is also welcome
  • Demonstrated ability and track record in sales and/or marketing in the international education and student recruitment sector
  • Above average to excellent verbal and written communication skills (English, Hindu, languages in top student regions)
  • Ability to influence, assist, and empower professional education agents and counselors to help meet MSM Unify’s business objectives relating to this stakeholder segment 
  • A strong grasp and understanding of edtech and pertinent tools, technology, and  applications 
  • Demonstrated ability to meet performance metrics and expectations, thus driving a significant increase in revenue through agent relationships and partnerships
  • High energy, enthusiasm, and passion for the business
  • High-energy and compelling vision with a proven entrepreneurial track record of defining and delivering new initiatives
  • Strong presentation skills

What We Offer  

  • To work with a brilliant and globally diverse team  
  • To engage in new markets and with multiple partners across the globe  

Location of Work  

  • Punjab

Who We Are 

MSM Unify is an AI-powered student recruitment and marketing platform that unifies the  stakeholders of student recruitment, allowing them to work collaboratively online to diversify their  students and reach the curious learners of the world. It connects higher education institutions  (HEIs) with top-tier agents and their students worldwide. It is backed by M Square Media (MSM),  a leader of innovation and globalization initiatives in the international education sector.  

We strive for people and community empowerment through education, technology, and  partnerships with industry and the academe. Across different business lines, we provide agile,  first-in-class products in enrollment management, education management, and edtech.  

Through our multi-platform solutions, we help higher education institutions (HEIs) increase their  international student enrollment through building global and in-country offices, managing agent  networks, and providing personalized services for admissions, marketing, back office support,  process management, market entry and expansion, and recruitment automation, to name a few.  

The numbers reflect our industry leadership: 

  • Presence in 17 countries and growing 
  • An affiliate network of over 4,500 agents 
  • Direct partnership, PPPs, and strategic alliance with nearly 100 institutions in Canada,  US, UK, Australia, Europe, and other leading destinations for students 

We are a finalist at the PIEoneer of the Year category of the prestigious PIEoneer Awards 2020.  Our work has created meaningful, long-term impacts on institutional revenue and community  transformation through international education, making us a Partner for Life and a Partner in  Growth. Know more about us:

Thank you for your interest in MSM – we appreciate your desire to work with us! However, only  those applicants that have been selected for an interview will be contacted. MSM offers equal 

employment opportunities to all persons without regard to race, color, ethnicity, religion, sex,  sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, marital status, physical or mental  disability, parental status, housing status, genetic information, arrest record, source of income, or  military status, in accordance with applicable federal, provincial, state, and equal employment  opportunity laws. 

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