Are you motivated to make a difference in the international education sector? Are you determined to deliver optimal results? We’re looking for a Senior Manager – Government Relations to be part of our Strategic Alliance team to drive growth for MSM. This is a highly influential role within the company that requires you to spearhead campaigns and initiatives to promote the business in India.

The Role

MSM is looking for a qualified, organized, passionate, and committed Senior Manager – Government Relations. The role holder will be required to contributes to strategic planning and directs engagement objectives to develop and maintain productive relations with all levels of government authorities that will support and enhance the businesses goals.

What You’ll Do:

  • Develop and maintain effective relationships with all federal and government officials.
  • Coordinate with various departments and colleagues and provide inputs to various local and state officials.
  • Prepare various government strategies on assign region and maintain good relations with various city officials.
  • Provide operational support to all legislative processes and ensure compliance to public policies and objectives.
  • Participate and plan various community programs and assist to implement all strategies effective according to company business.
  • Develop relationships with various public officials and implement all public policies to achieve all objectives.
  • Perform research and analyze various regulations at federal and state levels in an organization.
  • Prepare summaries and analyze various legislation and materials obtain from elevated officials and regulatory members.
  • Perform research on various legal issues and document all researches to edit all government affair communications and participate in legislative committee meetings.

Who We’re Looking For:

  • A minimum of 5+ years of experience
  • Ability to Develop and maintain relationships with Government officials and their staffs;
  • Communicating effectively with all levels of management, boards of directors, and staff as well as external individuals and groups;
  • Analyzing and interpreting legislation and policy documents;
  • Legislative advocacy, negotiation and persuasion;
  • Communicating complex concepts through oral and written mediums;
  • Preparing a variety of written communications such as reports, testimony, and fact sheets;
  • Developing and implementing strategic plans as well as responding to short-term objectives;
  • Working with people from diverse academic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds;
  • Utilizing computer technology for communication, data gathering and reporting activities


  • Can work independently with minimal supervision
  • Can exercise sound judgment and maintain a high degree of confidentiality
  • Exceptionally well organized and driven by success
  • Can thrive in high-pressure situations
  • Analytical thinker with superior problem-solving skills
  • Decisive and committed
  • A natural leader who motivates and inspires people around them

What we offer

  • To work with a brilliant and globally diverse team
  • To engage in new markets and with multiple partners across the globe

Location of Work

  • Anywhere in India