Eff Strats/Tight BDGs

Effective International Recruiting Strategy for Tight Budgets

International student recruitment is complex compared to domestic recruitment.

Fiscal prudence is becoming the norm for most colleges and universities as state budget deficits and further budgetary cuts continue to place the public education system under increased strain. Higher education systems undergo final reductions, but must continue their programs to remain relevant. Institutions with limited budgets find it difficult to devise ways of effective international student recruitment.

M Square Media works with you to transform your marketing strategy, making it more cost-effective, adaptive and futuristic. Our holistic, data-driven decision-making approach guarantees success in all areas, from acquisition, to student engagement, conversion, retention, and performance.

We enter into partnership with colleges and universities all over the world to achieve true best practice in student acquisition, student engagement and retention, and performance monitoring services. Our team consist of professionals who are experts in their field. Our wealth of human intelligence is backed by extensive up-to-date data and analysis, and adherence to best-practices.

By working with us you have access to unrivaled knowledge, insight and experience to help you tackle your unique issues. You can make informed decisions and mitigate risks while achieving higher standards of performance and significant cost savings.

MSM provides practical and actionable solutions on developing sustainable international recruitment strategies that are cost effective for your institution. We never allow ourselves to get complacent about being top performers in a highly competitive global recruitment market. Our timeless solutions allow you to anticipate trends in the market, thereby informing your strategy building and decision-making process.

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