Ques: “Is there a registration fee for the workshop?”][vc_column_text]

Ans: US $100 only.

Ques: “My institution doesn’t have budget for the Indian market and visits?”

Ans: There are many ways to address the India market. This workshop will offer solutions to recruitment budget challenges.

Ques: “I have visited India few times to promote my institution. Many agents promised me huge numbers but I did not receive even a single students from them. Would you cover agent management in your workshop?”

Ans: Yes, India is an agent driven market. This topic will be covered in detail.

Ques: “My institution already has a good number of Indian students? We have different challenges on our campus with the Indian students.”

Ans: We will touch few challenges and solutions that the Indian students bring on-campus. Our experts will be happy to speak to your particular challenge after the workshop or you may take an appointment for a free session with one of our experts during the NAFSA Annual Conference.

Ques: “I want to attend with my colleague. Can we two attend from the same institution?”

Ans: Yes, we encourage that you attend with your colleague/s which will help you discuss the topics of your interest amongst yourselves after the workshop.

Ques: “I am visiting India in April before NAFSA Annual Conference and need some advice before your workshop. Can I discuss it with your Senior Management?”

Ans: The MSM team is always available to answer questions.