Global Marketing Office

The MSM Advantage – Global Marketing Office (GMO)

  1. A Global Company with International Leadership and Expertise

Our team is very experienced in international branding, marketing and the provision of recruitment space. We combine our direct country, industry and academic experience to ensure quality and innovative strategies, solutions and opportunities to your institution.

  1. MSM is a Leading Organization Supporting the International Education Sector

When you are working with MSM you are part of an exclusive MSM institution partner network consisting of institutions from Canada, the US, the UK and Europe. MSM has established a strong and well-trained agent network that is high performing and produces excellent results for our partner institutions.

  1. Global Office Marketing (GMO)

MSM has a true global reach and is currently working in countries and regions such as India, the Subcontinent, Africa, China, Philippines, Vietnam, Latin America and Europe. The GMO approach is based on a strong lead in each country that supports a network of intermediaries who:

  • Brand, market and recruit GMO partners worldwide.
  • Train, supervise and motivate the intermediary network.
  • Pre-screen applications to ensure they are qualified and complete.
  • Offer application processing support and student liaison.
  • Provide insight to program demand and new program development.
  • Utilize social media to expand reach.

Our GMO partner institutions will be recognized in the market and will lead the increase in international student applications from across the world.

  1. MSM Reporter

Our GMO partners receive the MSM Reporter – a weekly newsletter featuring education news from around the globe.

  1. MSM Summits

Our GMO partners receive invitations to register for our professional development, networking and faculty experience summits. These summits support the development of international expertise among our partner institutions.

  1. Print, Store and Distribute Materials

MSM offers our GMO partners the opportunity to elect to print, store and distribute materials, which saves direct marketing costs.