Selkirk College

Filling Undersubscribed Programs Under MSM Model

By MSM research team

At a glance

Selkirk College is located in one of the most breathtaking spots of southern British Columbia, Canada, in the West Kootenay region of BC. It offers a wide range of nationally recognized programs. The college consists of six campuses and two learning centers, educating more than 2,700 full-time students and nearly 12,000 students every year.

The college has been transforming the lives of students for 50 years now. However, despite its outstanding characteristics as a community college in terms of quality education, prime location, and up-to-date facilities, it faced challenges in the form of undersubscribed programs.

No Campus Too Remote for International Enrollment

On its second year of operations, MSM agreed with Selkirk College to serve as its country office amid its struggles due to its remote location. Today, it sees a 190% annual average growth in international students within its agreement with MSM.
Yet it wasn’t a path so smoothly taken from the beginning. At the start of its MSM partnership, Selkirk College had just launched its Postgraduate Diploma in Gerontological Nursing.
MSM created a plan to target Indian nurses with good English language skills and who wished to pursue a postgraduate program in Canada. It implemented multidirectional marketing strategies to successfully recruit international students, as well as expanded the dedicated team to ensure that we reach and even exceed the requisite numbers.


How much is the program capacity?

How many students we will lose?

How many will graduate?

How much revenue will be generated?

For MSM, every program has a target audience in the right parts of the world. There is hardly any reason for a program not to be filled to its maximum capacity, going by the principle that the solution lies in identifying the right markets and in executing aggressive awareness and promotional strategies.
MSM also assisted the college in conducting promotional activities through multiple platforms, including social media, print, television, and large billboards. It also organized networking summits, seminars and presentations, education fairs, high school tours, and other events for agents, and prospective students and parents.

The Way Forward

Selkirk College’s goal has always been to make everyone feel at home in its classrooms and communities, alongside numerous innovative and unique learning opportunities since 1966.

For this celebrated community college strategically located in six various West Kootenay and Boundary communities, its offerings are never less than in-demand employment, credit transfer to a multitude of universities for degree completion, and comprehensive training to further students’ career objectives.

Today, its students come from 34 different countries, enjoying affordable tuition and cost of living as well as a 15:1 student to faculty ratio for focused mentoring.

Its mountain environment, too, is positioned as a glorious haven for students rather than a barrier to one’s study-abroad goals due to its remoteness. Students can soak up the famous Kootenay Vibe, visit a farmer’s market or spectacular trails, paddle the local waterways, or rip down a mountain bike trail.

Apart from helping it promote undersubscribed programs, MSM also offers tailored solutions and market feedback specific to the needs of Selkirk College. These data-powered insights and reports help the college adjust its processes and program promotions to establish and maintain a strong foothold among prospective international students.