IndiaServe – India Market Entry

IndiaServe – India Market Entry

M Square Media is a reliable and leading India market entry specialist. We use the combined forces of our personal and extensive Indian market knowledge and experience, along with our local resources, to partner with colleges and universities to give them complete solutions that will yield the desired results – a substantial number of Indian students being recruited.

We help our global educational partners own a real presence in the country.

  • How does our IndiaServe-India Market Entry program work?
  • What will the program provide for your institution?
  • How much will the program cost?

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How does it work?

The university / institute provides its objectives for the local market.

A job description is created for a candidate to fulfill the role.

MSM facilitates a search for a suitable candidate and completes the first round of interviews and background checks.

The institution conducts the final interviews and decides who would best represent the institution.

MSM manages the candidate’s appointment, based on objectives provided by the institution.

MSM provides office infrastructure and management support.

MSM provides monthly reporting and day-to-day supervision of the representative.

MSM provides support on expenditures, HR and local logistics.

The locally appointed representative focuses entirely on the objectives set out by the university, school or college.

Who is it for?

Any university, school, college or training institutione that needs wants a presence in India without having to commit to significant resources at the outset.

Any organization that knows it needs a full-time representative driving specific objectives locally.

Any organization that wants to make some first steps into the India market in a controlled and well-managed environment without fixed long-term overheads.