International Partnerships

International Partnerships

The internationalization of education is more than about just increasing enrollment and reaping financial gains. It’s also about developing deeper institutional ties with fellow academic institutions, a rather important but complex initiative.

International partnerships allow institutions to engage in beneficial activities such as research collaborations and consultancy, and academic and student exchanges. These partnerships require the commitment of many stakeholders, and may involve accrediting bodies if the goal is to establish dual degree programs for students. These are invaluable partnerships which can yield many benefits. It increases your school’s visibility and allows access to a larger audience of international students.

MSM plays an active role in assisting international institutions develop these kinds of collaborative programs. This is a complex process that does not yield results simply because an agreement is signed. It does not evolve into an automatic flow of students into your university without due diligence, an on-the-ball team member on your campus who is dedicated to the task of taking on the inevitable program, process and personnel obstacles.

A well-executed partnership program will be not just culturally enriching for your institution, but also financially appealing. The students received are typically tuition paying students who help to fill upper division course enrollments. Once the student flow becomes consistent, the next hurdle is to sustain the relationship and ensure the program becomes woven into the fabric of your institution.

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