Internationalization Workshops

Internationalization workshops

A well-trained and in-the-know faculty is your most effective tool for internationalisation!

Enhance your internationalisation process by training and educating your staff on up-to-date best practices. Your agents and faculty are the first, intermediate, and last contact personnel with whom students will engage throughout the recruitment to graduation process. They are the face and engine of your institution. This engagement process cements the on-campus college experience for both students and faculty, and should therefore be well managed.

Let us train your staff!

MSM hosts staff training seminars and internationalisation workshops on behalf of universities and colleges throughout Canada. Our seminars are conducted by former VP’s and Directors of International Offices who are established experts within the higher education industry.

Entrust your staff training to us. We guarantee world-class training events that are cost-effective and delivers on results. Your staff will come face-to-face with established industry experts to learn about the latest trends and research in higher education and internationalisation best practices. The exchange of knowledge and best practices will strengthen your on-campus internationalisation process and bring your institution on par with the best.

We provide practical tools and resources that are accessible to all audiences, caters to all budgets and schedules, and leaves participants in the know about everything related to international education.