Marketing Collateral

Effective marketing collateral can significantly impact your marketing campaign. It can be that ounce of difference between a borderline commitment and a conversion to full enrolment.

MSM’s international student recruitment approach incorporates both online and traditional marketing. While significant portions of marketing budgets are being pumped into online marketing, traditional marketing still plays a very vital role international student recruitment.

We provided institutions with branded printed marketing collateral that offers endless benefits. Prospective students get an opportunity to interact with your school on a tangible level, allowing them to instantly get a sense of the institution’s style.

Our printed marketing collateral helps admissions and enrolment professionals reach targeted groups of students. Our branded collateral and international distribution services enable clients to deliver personalized messages that raises brand awareness to drive interest and applications.

Branded Collateral

We create customized collateral such as postcards, brochures, and table books to help institutions raise awareness and make a lasting impression with prospective students.