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MyMSM connects you with your dream college in
Canada, the United States, or elsewhere in the world by

Congratulations! You’re On Your Way To Your Dream Diploma Or Degree. What Are The Options Available To You?

Undergraduate Program

Colleges and universities offer successful graduates a bachelor’s degree, diploma, or advanced diploma. An undergraduate program can be completed within 1–5 years depending on the area of study.

A postgraduate program provides students with a master’s degree, graduate diploma, or graduate certificate upon completion. It can be completed within a year or two depending on the field of study.

Postgraduate Program

How To Use Mymsm

Choose a program of study. We offer a selection of 1000+ programs to suit your interests and preferences. Complete our eligibility test so we can help you find the right program/school and design the right application track for you.

Stay tuned for the results. Institutions review your application once it’s submitted. This screening process varies per school, but it’s worth the wait! If you’re accepted into the program, you will receive a letter of acceptance (LOA), offer letter, or similar communications within [provide timeline] on average.

Work on your MyMSM profile. Complete your online profile with us. Provide a few personal details and answer some questions for us to get to know you better and connect you to your desired school and program!

Get your visa. These things can be complicated, but we
provide visa assistance to students applying directly here
on MyMSM! If you have an agent, they will provide the
help you need.

Submit your application. Once you’ve decided on a specific program track and school, submit your application and all the required documents in your dashboard. Don’t forget to pay the application fee to complete the process.

Gear up for your studies abroad. Congratulations! With
your letter of acceptance, visa or study permits, and other
requirements, you’re now ready to fly to your dream
school. Time to book that flight and start your journey as
an international student.


Where To Study

Seek and get the right information with the click Whether you’re looking to study in Canada, the US, the UK, or Europe, our growing network of partner institutions will cater to your study-abroad goals.

Why Work With An Agent

Here at MyMSM, we believe in independence and freedom of choice.

Yet working with a recruitment agent – versus applying to schools on your

own – has yielded marvelous results for many international students.

If you are…


→ Still quite confused about the application process

→ Seeking professional guidance from top recruitment experts

→ Want the best chances of success

…Then it’s in your absolute favor to work with an agent to get into your dream

school abroad.

MyMSM is the partner of choice for the world’s top education agents, so you’re

likely to achieve the best results possible.

This portal is designed to help you apply for your dream school abroad through

smart, intuitive tools available to your agent. Turn to our Resource Center for

step-by-step guides on relevant application matters. Chat with us to get the

answers you need. You’ll soon be on your own in a foreign land, so applying via

MyMSM is the ideal start you’d want.

Why MyMSM?

We’ve got your back.

Behind MyMSM is the expertise and extensive global network of the MSM Global Education Group. We won’t bore you with our history, but we are a one-stop solutions guru for the business development and marketing needs of our partner schools worldwide.

Partner of leading schools in Canada, US, the UK, Australia, and Europe

Present in 30 countries around the world, likely including the country of your dream studies!

Constantly growing network of agents and counselors to give students and schools the best results possible


We care about every student.

Our hope is for international education to be accessible for all and for learners in every corner of the world to have a fair chance of studying abroad. Together we’ll make it happen!

All The Information You Need – Delivered Now

How much is the cost of tuition? What’s an acceptance letter and how do I get one? What permits do I need to study in North America? Visit our Resource Center to get the answers to the most urgent questions.