A new partnership between Niagara College and the Society for Ecological Restoration (SER) allows 27 graduates from the Ecosystem Restoration Program to become Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioners-in-Training (CERPITs). This makes Niagara College the first post-secondary institution in Canada to partner with SER’s Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioner program.

SER is an international organization dedicated to advance science for ecological restoration to help promote the sustainability of biodiversity and the reversal of environmental degradation. 

Graduates benefit from an SER Emerging Professional membership, which gives them access to a network of restorationists and technical resources that include SER newsletters, publications, a subscription to the Restoration Ecology journal, and use of the Restoration Resource Center.

niagara college ecological restoration

“Certification recognizes practitioners who have met a high standard of knowledge and experience. Early career CERPITs, like those from Niagara College, can really differentiate themselves from other candidates during job searches, but more importantly they gain access to technical information and a network of hundreds of other CERPs and CERPITs from all over the world,” SER’s CERP Program Coordinator Jen Lyndall said.

SER will also work alongside Niagara College to improve the program’s curriculum and give students the necessary tools and experience to become meaningful contributors to the environment.