Social Media

Social media is the new frontier for international student recruiting. Social media has become a lifeline for today’s youth and an increasing number of adults. They’ve grown up in an age where digital media are their primary means of communication, information-gathering, meet-ups with family and their peers, and immediate information-sharing.

Institutions must be flexible enough to adapt to the rapid changes in social media and find ways to reach students where they congregate in cyberspace. A strong social media presence increases brand awareness and gives institutions the ideal opportunity to engage with, listen to, respond to students, and simply influence conversations taking place about your institution. Social media readily allows students to access:

News about popular campus events.

Insight into campus culture, including people and traditions.

The ability to connect privately with people they care about.

More information about people they would like to get to know.

Shared experiences of campus events.

A thoughtful, sincere response which can convert sceptics, squash potentially viral negative stories and create brand evangelists. Additionally, these profiles are likely to rank for branded searches, which can keep negative articles or results from coming into view.

Take advantage of our expertise and let us help you take advantage of the unique opportunities social media holds for higher education institutions.

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