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Everyone’s going through COVID-19 fatigue: higher education institutions (HEIs), agents and recruitment partners, students and their parents. The pandemic has slapped mobility restrictions on crucial recruitment processes and delayed potential applicants’ study plans. In the international education industry that’s as battered as any other sector globally, it’s essentially recruit or die.


What HEIs can consider at this critical time is a strong, reliable, tech-enabled partner that will take all their efforts into the future with confidence and foresight. The call of the times: streamline the application process, store all promotional materials for quick access, manage and empower agent commissions, and do everything in a powerful, secure, and all-in-one platform.

One-Stop Dashboard

AI-driven tools and features to streamline recruitment and manage your workload effortlessly

MSM Unify is an AI-powered student recruitment and marketing platform that connects HEIs with top-tier agents and their students worldwide. It allows you to work collaboratively online to diversify your campus and reach the world’s curious learners.


Ours is a marketplace where every stakeholder is able to find a dynamic customer base and relevant services to offer them, from institutions and agents to students and service providers. Our online platform invigorates every aspect of the recruitment process, allowing for a seamless marketing of study programs and seamless global brand-building.

One-Stop Dashboard

High enrollment rate-based model
High-impact promotions across our platforms, events, and social media
Pre-screened, complete applications for greater speed and efficiency
Program matching for students to help you land the most qualified candidates
Program matching for students to help you land the most qualified candidates
Applicant analytics based on real data to support your marketing strategy
Through the MSM Unify portal, institutions can readily access:
Your way to MSM Unify:

An education agency on the cloud, acting as your agent globally and enhancing the quality and diversity of your students.

Dedicated Recruitment Partner

We do the heavy lifting to give you strong global visibility

Abcodo is the high-performance recruitment partner of MSM Unify, offering compliant network partners, complete applications, and a wealth of services to recruit students from around the world.


Expect timely payments of application fees and tuition deposits, a comprehensive review of applications to save you time and manpower, and a full service agency where you pay for every successful enrollment, not just every unqualified lead.

What We Offer
Agent Qualifying & Management
Digital Marketing
Helping the right Students CONNECT with the right institution
Alerts to Registration Deadlines & Timelines
Payment Processing
On-Time Commission Payments
High Enrollment Contribution

Our Difference

Behind us is one of the world’s leading international education providers

We are backed by the proven success and expertise of M Square Media (MSM), a leading international education company that establishes global or in-country offices for colleges and universities, as well as offers education management and a wide range of edtech solutions.

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collective leadership
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student applications processed
msm reporter subscriber worldwide

Through these diverse lines of business, we deliver targeted numbers in student recruitment to foster sustained institutional growth and cater to every stakeholder in the industry: schools, agents, and students worldwide. Our vision: people and community empowerment through education, technology, and partnerships with industry and the academe.

From allowing institutions to feed their programs and marketing media directly into our system to enabling agents to easily use them to find and sell programs, MSM Unify commits to being a partner for life every step of the way — and in a security — first manner, no less.

Dan Feagan

Chief Technology Officer

We offer more than just a platform. While smart, helpful tech fuels our features and functionalities, MSM is first and foremost a business powered by people and strong professional relationships.


Working with MSM Unify gives you access to an international education provider present in 30 countries, acting as a global/in-country office for over 40 institutions, affiliated with at least 4,500 agents worldwide, and supported by a comprehensive back office support network and infrastructure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers you need right now

We are positioned in at least 17 countries worldwide, namely Bangladesh, Brazil, Colombia, Ghana, India, Kenya, Mexico, Morocco, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Rwanda, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Turkey, and Vietnam. We are fast expanding to 30 countries that form part of our more than 4,500 network partners worldwide.

Our global reach and presence are key to us helping achieve your diversification goals. We connect institutions to top-tier agents that have access to the students in every target market, allowing us to fill your enrollment slots with qualified candidates from nearly every source country, not just top senders like China and India. 

MSM Unify was created to make processes simpler and easier. Our simple, two-step sign up process will only take you a few minutes. You can get started here.

MSM Unify through its bespoke solutions fits one and all – does not matter whether you are a small language school or a big, multi-campus university, our solutions are fine-tuned to your requirements. We deliver dedicated student enrollment solutions and not just applications.

Yes, there is a dedicated dashboard for agents to manage all student applications and information, and where we provide them the tools they need to run their recruitment activities more efficiently. MSM Unify also streamlines their communications with you on the portal and enables them to offer your programs to more students.

We have strong ties with country partners who are experienced in running a business in specific student markets. They maintain a deep understanding of culture and knowledge, as well as a combination of global business knowledge and local strategy that works. By being part of our ecosystem, you can easily connect with these partners to help you navigate through new markets.

Yes. We have designed a strategy where we have separate teams in place to integrate into your systems. We can import and export your data. Make systems work hand in hand.

Our current global and in-country office partners automatically get on MSM Unify free of cost. For them as well as new partners, we designed MSM Unify to create a free marketplace with strong income potential for all stakeholders. We’ve also made it easy for you to get to the next level with our services. The good news: Agents and institutions get FREE MSM Unify access for one year.

At this time, agents are completing an Agents Application form on the platform. They need to be able to demonstrate which institutions they are working for and then we verify with those institutions on their performance. Every agent on MSM Unify goes through a due diligence process that mirrors that of other institutions’ processes. We’re very diligent with standard quality.

This platform has been conceptualized by people with over 150 years of higher education experience, seeking to solve their problems and pain points in a simplified way. It is backed up by MSM’s marketing force and our due diligence in agent management. 


We like to think of MSM Unify as a platform that is strong on  the due diligence aspect. Here you get both quality and exposure in a simplified and intuitive manner. We are proud of the transparency in this platform and the evaluation of agents done to ensure maximum results for institutions. This portal is inclusive and can be integrated into institutions’ own student information systems—empowering institutions to make their own decisions.

You can get onboarded with very minimal effort. We’ll help you through the process. Some of the things we’ll need from you are program details, start dates, descriptions, and fees, which you may provide in the form of spreadsheets that we can upload on a regular basis. Our friendly sales team and account executives will walk you through the portal and help you explore how it can work for your institution.

Our Research

Get the pulse of agents and their need for automation and intuitive online recruitment

The results of two independent surveys we conducted in June 2020 and January 2021 among agents — a vital source of on-the-ground intelligence about how the pandemic is affecting international recruitment across global markets — reflect both weariness and optimism:

Student-Related Challenges
Income Loss

84% of agents reported income losses as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Challenges in Online Recruitment

“The key challenges highlighted in the survey included access to technology and internet, a lack of a central platform to process applications efficiently and manage their businesses, and access to marketing materials.” (The PIE, in its feature of the January 2021 report – access here)

Relationship with Institutions

Asked what could be improved in their institution-related affairs, 36.5% of respondents pointed to online marketing materials, followed by number of university partnerships (35.5%), level of communication (29.9%) and student counselling (20.3%).

We are your bridge to the world’s high-performing agents and next generation of international students.
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Avinav Sharma
Head of Strategy and Operations,
MSM Unify and Abcodo

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