Digital Marketing

High-performance campaigns that get results

Every year, thousands of students from all over the world actively search for the best institutions, programs and courses, and study destinations available to them.

In this noisy, competitive landscape, you need to find an effective way to stand out in the crowd and provide the support and information that your prospects need to make educated decisions on their future. Think digital marketing!

Targeting international students through digital marketing has changed dramatically in the last few years. Ever-evolving social media and review websites continually transform the way international students conduct their research and apply for their programs of choice.

Enter digital marketing: a major concern for institutions everywhere, where you need a highly adaptive and responsive strategy to secure new students. There’s also the fact that the needs of every student vary, therefore making it necessary to implement a variety of communication and conversion channels.

MSM helps institutions develop a comprehensive, customized digital strategy that attracts and maintains engagement, converts, and retains students throughout the marketing process.

Real Results for a Private Hospitality Management College in Vancouver

Website Performance and SEO


Increase in users


Increase in sessions


Increase in page views


For relevant keywords in 2 months

Value-adding Google Maps suggestions and widgets for local keywords
More than 68,000 clicks from Discover feature
Increased student review rating from 2.7 to 4.2

Data from May-Aug 2019 vs Sept-Dec 2019



Attract more people to your website through paid ads and informative content that are tailored to your market. Our highly adept team achieves this through SEO, social media marketing, PPC marketing, analytics, and email marketing.


Expand and grow your foreign student base. We create specialized marketing campaigns that convert to sales, including multilingual advertisements that attract international students from all over the world.


Want to give your website a whole new look? Our team of designers and developers can give your website the facelift and more in-depth changes it needs in order to stay true to your brand. While we’re at it, we also conduct full site optimization to make sure that you appear at the top of every Google search.


Know your customers and maximize sales by improving user experience through CRM you can trust. MSM helps streamline and automate your marketing processes.