Africa Market Entry Expansion

Establish your presence to African students

There’s a large market for international students in Africa that has yet to be discovered by institutions. MSM helps clients realize their potential in the region through a comprehensive base we have set up in various countries in the region.

MSM is a leading Africa market entry and expansion specialist. With our extensive yet personal knowledge and experience of the continent, we use our local resources to partner with colleges and universities to provide solutions that yield the desired results – a substantial number of African students being recruited.

We help our global educational partners create a real presence locally.


The program is a good fit for:
  • any university, college, or training institution that wants to establish a presence in Africa without having to commit to significant resources at the outset.
  • any organization that acknowledges the need for a full-time representative that focuses on specific objectives locally.
  • any organization that wants to take the first step into the Africa market in a controlled and well-managed environment without fixed long-term overheads.
How it works
  • 1. The institution provides its objectives for the local market.
  • 2. A job description is created for a candidate to fulfill the role.
  • 3. MSM searches for a suitable candidate and completes the first round of interviews and background checks.
  • 4. The institution conducts the final interviews and decides who would best represent the institution.
  • 5. We manage the candidate's appointment, based on objectives provided by the institution.
  • 6. We provide office infrastructures and management support.
  • 7. We provide monthly reporting and day-to-day supervision of the representative.
  • 8. We provide support on expenditures, HR, and local logistics.



An increasing number of colleges and universities are trying to recruit African students on their own, only to discover later that to accelerate growth, they need a local office to leverage resources, including business development channels and admissions processing.

This is where we can help you. We can give you permanent representation in the African continent, which demonstrates a long-term commitment to your Indian agents while increasing your visibility in the market at the same time.

The Africa Catalyst Program will enhance your operations in the Indian market. It’s simple: MSM appoints a specialized and dedicated team that will be trained to act as your representative in Africa. By working with us, you are guaranteed results—the number of African students we agree to achieve in the first year of operations.