COVID-19 Resilience

Post-Pandemic Recruitment Solutions

The international education sector will face challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic for at least one year.

Local and international travel bans and lockdowns
Halted visa and permit processing
Canceled or postponed language exams and standard tests
Lost income for working students
COVID-19 has an immediate and long-term impact to new and returning international enrollees in 2020 at many higher education institutions (HEIs). Many HEIs are already confronted by reduced applications for upcoming intakes, and ongoing travel bans and restrictions point to the likelihood of further declines.

While the actual number of foreign admissions won’t be finalized until the start of the fall semester, revenue losses are already in the billions. Here’s the reality schools worldwide will have to face:

The drop in opportunities for international enrollment greatly affects the capacity of HEIs to maximize their revenue, let alone grow or survive. Right now, schools are integrating programs online and ramping up domestic student enrollment to stay viable.

As an HEI, will you have enough resources left to sustain yourself and excel after the pandemic?

Post-Pandemic: The New Normal

As the biggest disruption in recent international education history, the current state of global health will leave a completely new industry landscape in its wake. The flow of international students is not the only one anticipated to change.
Shift to Intra-Regional Destinations
Asian students will be more likely to seek study abroad programs closer to home, with a preference for Malaysia, South Korea, and Singapore.
Tuition and Fee Structure Changes
With programs either becoming partially or fully online, students may not be willing to pay the full standard fees.
Need for Year-Long Recruitment
Due to interruptions, the duration and intakes of the academic year have been adjusted.

As recruitment numbers will not immediately return to normal after the pandemic,

sustainable solutions are necessary to dispel the uncertainties and mitigate risks that institutions face.
The long-term downstream impact alongside financial losses from revenue streams such as housing, food, and recreation services will increase the financial stress that institutions are facing into the future. Provincial as well as federal relief, for instance, will likely suggest that austerity measures rather than additional financial support be expected.
HEIs need all the creativity and innovation they can get to increase international enrollments and diversify their revenue streams.

To prepare for post-pandemic times, what are you willing to invest in?

Execute Strategies Now, Boost Your Position Later

For HEIs who want to come back strong after the pandemic, remaining attuned to
the pulse of international education is vital. You need to establish yourself on the radar of students and their families.
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Through our Global Marketing Office (GMO) model, MSM remains high-performing, risk-free global and in-country offices in close contact with recruitment and industry experts who have the capacity to empower your international recruitment directly in the vein of the market.
The pandemic has not slowed down our global team. In fact, we continue to help our partners face the challenges head-on. We supply them with market intelligence that gives them a flexible, resilient position today and in the battered future.
“We have to strengthen our relationships with, and support our recruitment agents, who have been extremely helpful in translating institutional information and providing reassurance for students and their parents, and are impacted as well.”

Prof. Sarah Todd

President of the Asia-Pacific Association for International Education (APAIE)

Establish Yourself on the Ground

MSM is a globally-involved service company with offices and teams in the Indian Subcontinent, Africa, China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Latin America, and Europe - in 17 countries worldwide to bridge the gap between you and the world’s high-growth markets.

Beyond territorial borders, our professionals are well-connected in the higher education industry, gaining access to specialized insights and training for best recruitment practices.

Recruitment agents will be hard-pressed to succeed if they are unable to connect with students for two reasons:
MSM readily has the resources to execute sound recruitment processes precisely in your target markets - managing your agent network effectively and empowering them to succeed.

Enhance Digital Marketing​

COVID-19 has revealed the value of being present and accessible online. Your prospective students and their families have also increased time spent online for news, communication, and scouring study-abroad opportunities.

Powerful integration into the digital world can no longer be a low priority goal. For years, MSM has rapidly expanded our lead generation power through maximizing social presence, storytelling, and expert brand marketing for every partner institution, no matter where they are in the world.

Online workshops and webinars
Social media expansion
Constant global updates

Foolproof digital marketing strategies will be necessary to connect and convert now and go forward.

MSM Is a Partner for Resilient Growth

Ours is a risk-free, transparent model that is based on results in direct enrollment to your institution, eliminating the pressure of upfront investments on your part. We focus on delivering growth, quality, and support by giving you the ability to establish yourself globally, even with strict limitations in place.

What seems more favorable?

Struggling with virtually no budget to hire and fly an international recruitment team to meet applicants, plus hold activities
Working with MSM to bring you more international students all year round - and paying when enrollments are confirmed
Colleges and universities need to make decisions that generate income, new revenue streams, and address a serious budget shortfall situation.
Strengthen your presence in the post-pandemic world.

Speak with us today to gain the clarity and insight you need
to regain your footing in a much-challenged environment.