Training and Events

Learn, interact, and grow with the experts

MSM contributes to the international education community by offering avenues for training and professional development of stakeholders in international education. We develop agents into high-performing student recruiters, internationalize college or university staff, send students off to their host country with newfound knowledge and confidence, and position our partners well in target secondary schools.



Learn from industry experts, expand your institutional contacts, and network with fellow education agents at MSM-organized agent workshops and networking sessions.



Go through experiential learning opportunities for administrators, faculty, and staff, build skills and competencies that improve internationalization strategies.



Enhance your internationalization process through an internal staff that’s well-trained and educated on the latest industry practices. They are the face and engine of your institution — they can best represent your brand to your target market.


We go where your target market is. We organize prospective international students and pre-screen them for a focused, quality recruitment.


Through our direct training for new agents and continuing development sessions for existing agents, educational institutions and organizations reap the benefits: improved brand recognition and an increase in their qualified agent network. Agents, in turn can expand their institutional knowledge and can be recognized by leading institutions.

Stay up-to-date with MSM summits and gatherings through a peek at our annual calendar of events.