Admissions Outreach

Engage students at every step of the recruitment process

MSM’s wealth of admissions support programs get the job done for your recruitment goals and strategy:

Conduct a survey of the applicant pool to determine genuine interest in attending your institution, and produce data analysis that allows for targeting of the undecided and students most likely to enroll

Financial Aid Outreach /
Pre Qualifications

Reach out to prospective students about scholarships, award letters, and enrollment confirmation

Fast-Track Enrollment

A proactive system to enroll students in “fast track” programs for priority access to courses and hold their spot in your next class

Missing information and Documents

Reduce enrollment disruption that could result from missing documents or information

Enrolling Students in Communication Alert Programs

Ensure students enroll in text notification alert programs, so key information or deadlines are communicated quickly

Set-up of Advisor Meetings

Reduce delays in connecting students with advisers through proactive outreach