Privacy Policy

At MSM, we highly value the privacy of all our constituents, including our partner institutions, agents, students, and other stakeholders. That is why in entrusting us with your personal information, expect that we will take every effort to keep it secure and safe. We will use it exclusively for transactions and processes that involve you and only for the purposes for which it was intended. With this, we allow you to access information and processes about visa applications, study permits, and application for specific programs of respective institutions via our recruitment partners, website and other applications.

Our Privacy Policy details the manner whereby we collect, use, disclose and manage all types of personal information. The latter includes data collected through our website

How We Collect And Use Personal Data

Gathering your personal information occurs when you perform any or all of the following activities:

  • Use of your data

We use your data for providing the service you require.

  • To learn more about the our current service offerings and events

Every time you inquire about one of our services or events, you may enter some personal information on our website. Every piece of information you supply in your profile is important. Such information may include your:

    • First and last name

    • Email address

    • Home and mailing address

    • Name of your institution/company

    • Country of origin

    • Service you are interested in

    • Educational background

    • Other relevant information

In addition, we may also use your user details and behavioral data linked to your use of our website (your inquiries or the links you click on) to learn more about your preferences. This way, we can provide you with targeted suggestions via our website, such as when inquiring, commenting on and/or voicing out an opinion through our website.

Browsers can use our websites as an open platform for posting queries, comments and/or opinions. Because this function is similar to social media platforms, any information you post whether personal or otherwise becomes automatically publicized. Therefore, other individuals can access it any time. In light of this fact, we caution you from posting any personal or sensitive information.

  • To contact us through the website

Whenever you connect with us by posting a comment or inquiry, we may require personal information to validate your identity (e.g. name, address, contact number, etc.). We may request such data, along with other pertinent information that we need, so we can respond to your inquiry or complaint in the soonest possible time. Also, we may keep your information in our database for future use. We may use it for providing you quality assistance in the future or to enhance our customer service and other offerings, promotions and events.

  • To subscribe to newsletters and other forms of related communications

Subscribing to our newsletters can be done via our website. Alternatively, you may also subscribe to us through social media platforms or other education events and conventions. Regardless of the methods used, signing in to receive our communications requires us to obtain your personal information (first and last name and email address). We need these data to communicate updates, announcements, and other helpful content you may find interesting. As always, you may unsubscribe at any time. For this purpose, simply follow the instructions detailed in the email. Although unsubscribing keeps you from receiving further updates and other related communications, we may still communicate with you regarding your application, transactions, account issues, and other similar messages.

  • To take part in our surveys and research

Every now and then, we may conduct surveys and research focused on improving our services and customers’ satisfaction. To gather relevant data, we may request your participation. When you take part in these activities, we will collect your information, which will be used in a collective and impersonal way. Your information will allow us to better understand our customers’ needs, which is critical to further developing our products and services.

  • To join contests and promotions

Taking part in contests and promos require you to share your personal information with us. This includes name, address, contact numbers, email addresses, and other necessary information. Failure to supply any or all of these data invalidates your eligibility to join any promotional activities.

  • To inquire about or apply for employment at MSM

Asking about an open position or applying via our website means sharing your personal details with us. These may be presented in the requirements that you have to submit for employment or application such as resume, cover letter and other employment-or-education-related necessities. Your information allows us to process your application accordingly for either present or future career openings.

How We Share Your Information Securely

Before sharing your information in whatever manner, we ask for your permission first. With your consent, we may share your information with:

  • Our third party affiliates

Our partnership with third parties allows us to afford the quality benefits you receive via our website. Whenever our partners will have promos or events whose benefits may be of interest to you or they require data to conduct marketing analytics and studies intended for improving customer service, we share your information with them so you can have the opportunity to take advantage of their offerings. In so doing, we would like to clarify that prior to sharing your information, we will ask for your consent first.

  • To be used for research and product/service development

We are constantly conducting research and other equally advantageous measures needed for further expansions and enhancing our services and offerings. In the process, we may share your data with third parties like educational institutions, academics, etc. In line with our general practice, we will inform you beforehand and ask for your permission before we share your information.

  • To facilitate the processes of our service providers

The service providers (cloud provider, email servers, website, and more) we work with may require your data for facilitating their tasks properly. But they are not allowed to use or share them for marketing or any other purposes outside the services they render.

  • To be used for legal proceedings

MSM may share your information as part of legal requirements for valid legal proceedings (e.g. agreement breach, contravention of law, or other legal purposes as required and mandated by applicable laws). With this, we may also use your information for our own legal protection from claims or any of the following: detection, suppression and prevention of fraud; investigation; and suspected damages done to an individual or property.

How We Protect Your Information

MSM implements protective safeguards to ensure the security of your personal information. We understand how important your data is. That is why we practice effective methods in all aspects of our operations to ensure the safety and security of your personal information. Among these measures are data encryption, limited access to our database, careful monitoring of our legitimate users, and version tracking. In so doing, we protect your data from unauthorized access, use, disclosure and modification.

How To Access And Correct Your Information

If you wish to update or correct specific details of the information you shared with us, you may do so any time while paying attention to certain exceptions mandated by the law. All you have to do is log in, click on your account profile, and apply the changes as you see fit. Alternatively, you may contact us to request for access, corrections or updates. To protect your data, we will then ask for personal information to verify your identity.

About Cookies And Additional Website Information

  • Browsing and visits

You may visit our website and browse freely at any given time. For the purpose of providing optimal customer service, we collate the following data during your visit: IP (internet protocol), address, page requests/browsed, browser type, operating system used, and the time you spent during your visits. Gathering this data based on the use of the website is critical to the following activities or purposes: understanding our customers better, maintaining the website, monitoring and safeguarding your account on our website, and for sending program suggestions fit for your preferences and qualifications.

  • On using cookies, analytics and tracer tags & beacons

Delivering top notch customer service prompts us to use cookies, so we can keep track of your visits to our website. This technology is stored on your hard drive, which acts as an identifier that allows us to recognize you every time you pay our website a visit. In a nutshell, cookies provide our website operating system benefits such as:

    • The ability to recognize you

    • The capacity to access your account information in our computers for personalizing services

    • Capacity to access information, which we may share with our service providers, for the purpose of improving and/or maintaining the website

    • The capacity to use the aforementioned information to afford customized services aligned to your preferences and interests

With regards to how your browser detects and accepts cookies, you may adjust the settings accordingly, so you can be notified every time you get a cookie and make a choice whether to accept the cookie or not. In rejecting cookies, however, you will no longer be able to maximize your use of and benefits from our website.

Aside from cookies, we may also use Tracer Tags and Beacons. These technologies are designed to help us keep track of the pages you visit on our website, so we can structure our system and offerings to suit your needs and preferences.

For analyzing browsing behavior, which is vital for enhancing our services and products, we use web-based analytics like Google Analytics. To function, web-based analytics use cookies for aiding us in analyzing the manner whereby our browsers use our website and its features.

About Links To Other Websites

The MSM website may be connected to other websites, like our partners and third parties, via links. With this, we would like to clarify that we neither operate nor own these websites. Additionally, our website may have links on third party sites where we advertise. Our general rules regarding links to other websites are:

  • We do not provide your personal data to these websites without your permission.

  • We provide links to these websites to enhance your browsing experience.

  • These links are not used for endorsement or referral purposes.

  • These third party websites have their own policies and privacy statements that we suggest you review thoroughly.

  • The operations of these websites are outside of our jurisdiction. Hence, we are not in any way responsible for liable for the manner whereby they collect, use, share, and maintain the security of your personal information.

  • The third party affiliates we work with, like ad networks and advertising companies, use their own tracking technologies (cookies and pixel tags) on our website. This enables them to post ads on the internet. As such, they may gather data on your use of our website and other websites for the purpose of analyzing how effective our advertisements are.

About Social Media

You may have the privilege of accessing our quality content via third party social networking websites, applications and plug-ins. Therefore, with your consent, we may access your personal information connected to your social media account (name, user name, email address, and profile picture). In supplying information from your social media account, we may use this for customizing your browsing experience every time you visit our website and other third-party social networking websites, plug-ins and applications, as well as to deliver the products or services you require.

Regarding Alterations To Our Privacy Policy

We may update this Privacy Policy whenever we make changes to our guidelines and personal information practices. Should this occur, we will notify you on our website. To keep abreast of the updates on our practices, kindly refer to this Privacy Policy. For questions or clarifications, please email us at [email protected].

We strongly encourage you to refer to this Privacy Policy often to get the latest information about our personal information practices.