MSM regularly conducts market research and reports and consolidates them into articles to support the research needs of the international education sector.

A surge in student arrivals in Australia compared to departures between December 2021 and March 2022 was to be anticipated given the number of students that had been prevented entry during the global health crisis, an Independent Australia report revealed. But what caused this expected surge? Let’s find out.
Global education is continuously thriving. Given the increasing number of applications and enrollments, it is appropriate to look at the subjects of study that these students are considering when pursuing international education. This will also help guide institutions on what programs international students are looking for.
Dublin, Ireland has long been considered a premier international education destination. In an August 2022 report by Preply, titled “Study Abroad Index: The Best Countries & Cities to Study Abroad,” Dublin scored 7.04 on the Happiness Scale and landed among the top five cities preferred by foreign students.
Every year, millions of students are flying abroad to broaden their academic experience. The motivations for pursuing their education overseas vary–ranging from possibilities for a high-caliber education and job to the diversity of cultures and viewpoints...

Survey Reports

MSM conducts surveys participated in by our partner agents. The surveys are done to ensure that we always touch base with our partners and see to it that we provide them with all the tools that they need in their student recruitment initiatives.

The reports emanating from these surveys contain valuable insights that international education professionals, HEI officials, and even students can make use of in their own research.
63% are highly optimistic about online recruitment in the next 12 months but many are still grappling with the transition from a largely face-to-face business to online platforms, according to the latest report from international education provider M Square Media (MSM)
The emergence of COVID-19 has rendered the world immobile and has set it in a standstill. There’s no doubt that people have been unprepared for its effects; the extent of which was felt across all industries—education, included.