Key Factors Behind the 10-Fold Growth of Indian Students in Ireland in a Decade

Key Takeaways:

  • The surge of Indian students into Irish universities has increased dramatically over the past decade.
  • Ireland’s low corporate tax rate and presence of multinational corporations provide promising employment opportunities for graduates.
  • Ireland offers post-study work options, with stay-back options for up to 24 months for undergraduate and master’s degree students, and up to 36 months for PhD graduates.

Ireland has a long-standing reputation for aspiring students who want to pursue global education. From its top-notch education system,  academic excellence,  and flexible “graduate route,” to its inspiring heritage, security, and inclusive atmosphere, no wonder how the country thrives and appeals to students worldwide over the years. Nearly 50,000 international students are studying in the country in the academic year 2022/23.

Among its growing student population, Ireland is recently gaining popularity among Indian students.

Growth of Indian Students in Irish Universities

Ireland is increasing its appeal to international students, particularly  Indian students seeking to expand their academic experience. Over the past decade, we’ve seen a positive influx of students coming from India to various Irish universities. 

Kevin Kelly, the Ambassador of Ireland to India, highlighted the growth trajectory of Indian student enrollment in Irish institutions. From a modest figure of around 700 in 2013, the country now houses more than 7,000 students and is projecting a staggering 10,000 in the coming years. 

With this thriving figure of student enrollment from one of the student markets globally, Kelly emphasized that the current success cannot be exclusively measured by the given figures. Instead, Ireland’s focus lies in creating meaningful partnerships and exchanges that enrich both the academic and cultural landscapes of India and Ireland. 

What factors are propelling this exponential growth, and what does it signify for the future of educational collaboration between India and Ireland? 

Ireland’s Allure to International Students

The rocketing in Indian student enrollment in Irish universities and colleges is not merely a statistical trend but a reflection of the manifold benefits and opportunities that Ireland offers to ambitious learners from across the globe, especially Indian students.

From prestigious institutions and cutting-edge research programs to quality education and cultural immersion, Irish institutions’ commitment to academic excellence and innovation is unrivaled. Among the most compelling reasons why Indian students choose Ireland are the post-study work options it offers. The country allows students to stay and work after completing their studies, offering a stay-back option of up to 24 months for undergraduate and master’s degree students, and up to 36 months for PhD graduates. 

The introduction of the post-study work visa, also known as the “graduate route,” without the need for a specific job offer, enhances flexibility and empowers graduates to explore employment opportunities aligned with their field of study.

In addition, the high percentage of graduates securing employment within multinational corporations and other sectors, with an 80-95% rate recorded, is impressive alone. This not only enhances students’ immediate career prospects but also opens doors to global opportunities within industry giants such as Google, Apple, and Facebook, allowing them to leverage their Irish education to pursue rewarding careers both domestically and internationally.

Furthermore, Ireland’s rich cultural heritage, vibrant cities, and reputation for safety provide Indian students with a welcoming and enriching environment conducive to personal growth and exploration. The country’s diverse landscapes, from lush forests to historic sites, offer students ample opportunities for leisure and cultural enrichment, further enhancing their overall educational experience.

Boosting “Study in Ireland” Program

One of the cornerstones of Ireland’s strategy to boost study programs is Education in Ireland. The national brand, under the Minister for Education and Skills, facilitates partnerships between Irish and Indian institutions. It promotes awareness about Ireland as a study destination and offers a diverse range of over 5,000 programs leading to internationally recognized qualifications. By engaging with Indian institutions and schools through events, online platforms, and media, the campaign aims to attract a broader spectrum of Indian students, ensuring that Ireland remains a first-choice destination for academic pursuits.

Moreover, Ireland’s higher education institutions maintain robust academic ties with over 30 universities in India, spanning various fields of study such as engineering, law, social sciences, computer science, and hospitality. These partnerships involve collaborative research, faculty exchanges, and student mobility programs benefiting students from both nations. 

In addition to academic pursuits, Ireland offers promising employment opportunities for Indian graduates, with over 75 Irish companies establishing offices in India. These companies actively recruit locally engaged staff, leveraging India’s skilled workforce and fostering economic ties between the two nations. As Ireland deepens its economic and cultural relationship with India under the Asia Pacific strategy, it simultaneously strengthens academic collaborations, ensuring a holistic approach to bilateral engagement.

Looking Ahead

Despite the stricter visa and work policies happening in various countries, it is exciting to witness more countries welcoming students around the globe. Ireland is one. While the country has always been a top hub among study destinations, it is inviting and encouraging that the nation’s government is enthusiastically reaffirming its commitment to fostering academic ties, particularly the learning experience of Indian students.  Through the country’s conducive environment for research, innovation, work, and cultural exchange, we can see how sharp-sighted Ireland is in positioning itself as a global leader in education and innovation, attracting talent from India and beyond. (RAGHWA GOPAL)


Raghwa Gopal is a serial entrepreneur, academic, and software engineer by profession. Drawing from extensive business experience, Raghwa joined MSM from British Columbia’s Innovate BC, serving as president and CEO and helping companies start and scale to fuel technology development, commercialization, and adoption. As Accelerate Okanagan’s (AO) former CEO, he was a driving force in development of the tech sector, with a CA$1.6-billion economic contribution.


Raghwa studied at New Zealand’s Central Institute of Technology, Australia’s Collier MacMillan School, and the University of the South Pacific. He has strong ties to higher education as a former lecturer of business at UBC Okanagan, computer science at the School of Arts and Sciences, and entrepreneur-in-residence at Okanagan College School of Business.

His board memberships span across multiple organizations, such as the University of British Columbia, the India Canada Innovation Council, the Women’s Enterprise Centre, and the Province of British Columbia’s Emerging Economy Task Force.



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