Admission Process Management

Automate and streamline admissions from start to finish

It’s an intense race to get top students for your school. Institutions need to outdo each other and attract prime students to their campuses. 

Did you know that the quality of your graduates and your infrastructure affect the type of students you attract to your school? 

A limited budget should not stop you from getting top-notch students to your institution. MSM makes the right moves on your behalf to deliver measurable results in student enrollment.

This process includes:
  • Assisting in the processing of student applications generating offer letters. and other associated services - allowing the institution to realize substantial savings
  • Providing a qualified and highly trained staff backed by a strong IT support to undertake the processing tasks. Our fully automated infrastructure operates 24x7, allowing for a fast turnaround time and round-the-clock support for prospective students and Institutions. This yields the desired results of higher conversion rates.
  • Providing a fully staffed admissions office service MSM has made an impact in the field of admission process outsourcing, where we function as the “Admissions Office" and serve as an extended team of the college or university.
  • An outsourcing system that streamlines the process, saving institutions the costs of employing manpower The increase in admission applications coupled with the rising cost for processing one application has left schools facing a decline in quality when processing these applications. In order to combat this and maintain the current quality while meeting the rising demand of admissions, an average institution would have to budget for a larger workforce than originally needed. The challenge for schools then is to be able to grow their student populations without necessarily investing in more manpower.
  • Undertaking all activities from creating coilaterais to the marketing strategy and lead generation Not only does this save institutions manpower expenses, they also benefit from having specialists manage this most crucial function.