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Student Recruitment Solutions​

An ecosystem for International Education. This includes a Saas enabled portal, an international network of agents and skilled teams for global operations Some world class features are –

SaaS enabled Student Marketplace

End-to-end application support, Rich source of information on institutions, programs, fee structures, news and events and related services.

Scholarships, Deals & Offers

Comprehensive listing of offers from institutions to help agents and students take educated calls.

Agent Portal & Network

Online and Offline support to our curated agent network. Real-time access to status updates.
Student Recruitment Solutions​
Global & In-Country Offices​

Global & In-Country Offices​

Win beyond recruitment. Reach diverse, qualified students. Discover a performance-based model that builds your own global/country office, manages your agent force, and offers strong recruitment support and market intelligence. 

Brand, Market, and Recruit

Have a dedicated team in the source country of choice. This team represents your institution among the agents and students.

Increase International Enrolments

We manage the entire application lifecycle to ensure that you get pre-screened applications which convert to enrolments fast.

Your Eyes & Ears on the Ground

We provide analytics and insights from the source countries. This allows you to remain relevant in the market.

Pathways & Public Private Partnerships

MSM understands education from the practitioner perspective. Our core services include. The services we offer –

College Management

We professionally manage private colleges in Canada, with an expansion of managed campuses to transnational destinations.

Strategic Partnership and Alliances

We facilitate partner matching, project management, and key services to help increase student capacity, diversify revenue streams, and achieve broader brand recognition.

Pathways, TNE & Articulation Agreements

We offer courses that prepare students for admissions or advanced standing at MSM Higher Ed partner institutions in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, and US. Their education can now start in their home country and end with graduation abroad.
Pathways & Public Private Partnerships