Agent Management

Optimize and automate your recruitment activities

An education agent typically gets onboard at MSM with these 5 easy steps:


An agent hears about MSM and connects with us through one of our local managers or admissions partners.


MSM schedules a meeting with an agent and presents the benefits of being a partner agent.


If interested, the agent fills out an evaluation form and submits all the required documents and necessary references in the industry.


MSM conducts a comprehensive reference check.


Congratulations Agent signs up as a partner agent.

What this means for your institution is a healthy, thriving agent base that can deliver the students leads you are looking for.
What MSM brings to the table with its unique agent management platform:
  • A comprehensive knowledge base based on our on-ground operations and experience in international education
  • Agent networking sessions, summits, and workshops co-organized with partner institutions to tailor agent knowledge and capabilities based on a college/university’s distinct needs
  • Organized financial billings and statements on a regular time cycle, spelling convenience and less work on institutions’ internal teams