Global and In-Country Offices

Global marketing model for HEIs like no other


MSM is a global company with international leadership and expertise. our core people are experienced in international branding, marketing, and the provision of recruitment space and capabilities. we combine our direct country, industry, and academic experience to ensure quality and innovative strategies, solutions, and opportunities to your institution.


When you work with MSM, you become part of an exclusive network of institution partners from Canada, the US, the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. MSM has built a strong and well-trained network of agents that are high-performing and produce exceptional results for every institution.


Global Marketing Office (GMO): Experience the MSM Advantage

MSM has a true global reach, and we currently have teams based in Indian Subcontinent, Africa, China, Philippines. Vietnam, Latin America, and Europe. Our distinct GMO approach is based on a strong lead that supports a network of intermediaries who:

Our GMO partners also receive the MSM Reporter, a weekly newsletter featuring the top 12 international education news from around the globe. The public can also subscribe and receive this newsletter.
Our GMO partners receive invitations to register for our professional development, networking, and faculty experience summits. These summits support the development of international expertise among our partner institutions.

MSM is a leading India market entry and expansion specialist. With our extensive, first-hand knowledge and experience in the country, we use our local resources to partner with colleges and universities to give them solutions that yield the desired results – a substantial number of indian students being recruited.


There’s a large market for international students in Africa that has yet to be discovered by institutions. MSM helps clients realize their potential in the region through a comprehensive base we have set up in various countries in the region.



We work with institutions to develop an effective, flexible, and modern student recruitment marketing strategy. We believe that the best way to serve students is to think like them, and our longstanding presence in the markets helps us do just that.


MSM prints, stores, and distributes materials, helping GMO partners save on direct marketing costs.