Enquiry Management

Manage all inquiries from students and their parents

Our inquiry system is designed to provide specialized and individualized follow-up to inquiries generated across online platforms. This includes all interactions by students as well as their parents, all tracked and stored to be used at the appropriate time during the recruitment process.

We offer a unique level of efficiency that makes it easier for institutions to convert more inquiries into qualified prospects, and ultimately increase enrollments.

Our inquiry tracking and management occurs from start to finish, with every student receiving a personalized, high-quality response.

MSM’s years of experience in international student prospect management reflect in this service. We focus on each specific group of students, ensuring that we identify their inquiry patterns, influences on their institution selection process, and the varied ways in which they prefer to engage with institutions.

Your ability as an institution to understand these preferences and personalize your approach is the key to maximizing your inquiries, applications, and ultimately enrollment numbers.