Process Management

Ease your administrative pains, empower your processes

At MSM, we take it upon ourselves to assist our educational partners in staying on top of tasks, from processing student applications to generating offer letters. These individual tasks add up and take time, and outsourcing them to the right partner can yield substantial savings for institutions.

Our highly qualified, well-trained staff undertakes recruitment processing tasks for institutions, leaving them with more time on their hands to engage students and provide more value-adding services.

All these bring about the desired results: higher conversion rates that can be sustained through the results-driven MSM model.

Optimize your agent base and performance through tried-and-tested solutions.


Track, store, and follow up on all enquiries generated online by students and their parents in an automated, highly organized fashion

Take advantage of a vehicle to increase your offer-to-enrollment conversion rate

We engage your students at every step of the recruitment process, ensuring that your standards are upheld and students get the rewarding experience they deserve

We take the hassle out of your enrollment management tasks. Leaving you to focus on nurturing relationships with your students

Automate and streamline your admission process from start to finish to find, engage, and enroll the right students for your institution