Ethics and Governance at MSM

As a leading global platform for the international education sector, MSM deeply values integrity and professionalism in all of its offered services. Our actions, partnerships, and initiatives are based on honesty, accountability and trust. We understand that everything executed by MSM reflects on the character and values of our global team and business.

We encourage all MSM staff, team members, partners, agents, contractors, and third parties to use this page in order to contact us regarding breaches in ethics and good governance. All reports will be kept confidential and taken under thorough consideration by the appropriate corporate authorities.

Guidelines for Reporting

MSM will always strive to address matters involving breaches in agreement, trust, and ethics involving any of its employees and team members. All reports will be treated with utmost seriousness and fairness, in accordance with MSM policy, and handled by the appropriate representative.

Please contact us if you suspect any of these misconduct or unethical behavior:

Send a Report

Please get in touch with us today to report any ethical breaches or concerns.
We will treat your report with utmost confidentiality. Please consider providing us with your name and contact information, so we may make the necessary follow-up. However, you may also make an anonymous report on this site if you wish to do so.