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The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has put the entire international education sector at a standstill and affected roughly 1.6 billion students worldwide. In this report, MSM CEO Sanjay tackles the impact of the virus and the measures that HEIs can to take to combat its effects.

The opening of traditional colleges and universities in Fall 2020 will be difficult  due to COVID-19 pandemic. Higher education institutions need to start getting creative in finding out a solution for the upcoming challenges.

Benefits of Increasing Internationalization in Australia: An Analysis of Q1 2019 – Australia has done a commendable job in overcoming the challenges of the global market, and has successfully leveraged its comparative advantages with great success. These advantages and their potential have to be maintained diligently to strengthen the chances of realizing the existing opportunities

Internationalization in Canada in Q1 2019 and the Challenges Faced by Education Institutions – Canadian universities are facing key challenges but strategic leaders continuously establish scalable solutions to hit long-term end goals. In terms of international recruitment marketing, the strategy will focus more on diversifying Canada’s international enrollment base.

How the UK Can Increase International Students in Higher Education: A Study of Q1 2019 – The realities of the UK visa policies and global economic conditions suggest that they will be swimming against a strengthening tide. Success will depend on differentiating their business approaches, shifting away from a focus on recruitment and looking at a more diversified array of transnational education, foundation and professional development offerings.

The Effect of Politics and Society to US International Student Recruitment in Q1 2019 – The USA institutions further cite various other reasons due to which there has been a decline in students’ enrollment. Although there has been a minor decline in the figures, the USA higher education institutions remain committed to recruiting and welcoming international students. This ensures that the decline in the figures would be balanced in the coming years.

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