Inbound Marketing

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So many colleges and universities today are so bent on recruiting international students that competition is becoming more cutthroat by the minute. MSM can help drive traffic and sales to your institution by using various digital tools to build brand awareness and generate leads fast and effectively.


Our services include:
social media

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the new frontier for international student recruiting. It has become a lifeline for today’s youth and an increasing number of adults, guiding them in decision-making in life as well as in their studies.

Digital media is your target market’s primary means of communication, information gathering, meet-ups with peers and loved ones, and immediate information-sharing.

Institutions must be flexible enough to adapt to the rapid changes in social media and find ways to reach students where they congregate in this space. A strong social media presence increases brand awareness and gives institutions the ideal opportunity to engage with, listen to, respond to students, and simply influence conversations taking place about your institution.

Social media readily allows students to access:

Social media offers a thoughtful, sincere response that can convert skeptics, squash potentially viral negative stories, and create brand evangelists. Additionally, these profiles are likely to rank for branded searches, which can keep negative articles or results from coming into view.

Take advantage of MSM’s expertise and let us help you grab the unique opportunities social media holds for higher education institutions.

PPC Marketing

A perfectly planned advertisement campaign is the key to getting the most out of your marketing dollars. Pay-per-click marketing is a great way to maximize your paid ads and get results in the shortest amount of time possible. Our team of professionals identify the right keywords and analyze your competition in order to effectively optimize and present your ads where they matter.

‘Big Data’ Analytics

Standardized test scores, high school GPAs, and extracurricular activities are no longer the primary factors used for admitting students into colleges and universities. “Big Data” is fast evolving as the royalty of the admissions process.

“Big Data” is now the preferred tool used by university admissions officers to make rapid, precise enrollment decisions. The wealth of new data available allows for the creation of predictive modeling, which yields long-term benefits such as better student retention.

Its careful application – or predictive analytics as it’s known – when building a student recruitment plan can lead to significant gains in enrollments by:



Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google search engine results pages are a battlefield for presence and prominence. Be the first to be seen on a Google search by creating optimized content that makes you visible to international students, parents, education agents, and other important stakeholders in recruitment.

Our experienced team will help drive traffic to your website through services such as a full SEO audit, on-site and off-site optimization, local SEO, WordPress SEO, and many more.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is vital to the recruitment process. Your content should serve to limit the sales message, so you sell your institution and attract students without running the risk of losing them to boredom or disbelief.

With traditional marketing becoming less and less effective, you need to be forward-thinking in reaching out to your target audiences. Content marketing is a strategic approach to create and distribute valuable, relevant, as well as consistent content to attract and retain your audience – and ultimately to drive favorable action from them.

Content marketing enables the following:

MSM takes the lead in content marketing for your institution and helps you strategize how to drive results for your brand or create initiatives with game-changing content marketing experiences that connect and succeed.

Through websites, video, print media, social media, mobile apps, and reports and downloadables like international student guides and visa and study permit booklets, we help establish you as the credible, relevant voice in their desire to study abroad.

Our unique brand of storytelling sets the tone for a successful content marketing program that will make you an authority in international recruitment. It’s the difference between bludgeoning your customers and prospects with standard messaging and making your brand so useful that the audience turns to you as a trusted ally and essential business partner.

student applicatoins

Email Marketing

Most people check their emails almost every day, so it’s a great way to bring your brand directly to your prospects. MSM performs strategic emailing with student recruitment and retention in mind. All marketing materials are sent substantially and tailored to your target audience.

Opting for email marketing in the education industry can bring you:

Creating an email marketing campaign can help your institution connect with students who may be on the fence when trying to decide which college to attend. Some of your viable options include the following: