Enrollment Management

Tech-driven enrollment structure that engages your students


It starts with managing inquiries correctly: from here you can pursue the right applicants, have them complete the application process and enroll, and retain them accordingly.

Traditional practices no longer cut it. it’s important that today’s communications infrastructure incorporate students’ preferred mode of engagement, allowing them to proactively reach their admissions pool and effectively manage admission inquiries.

Meeting increased challenges in meeting enrollment objectives? The great divide is created by drastic changes in how students communicate and research the information they need, and schools getting stuck in traditional approaches to engage them.

Technological advancements emerge as the driving force behind how students today think, communicate, and decide for their future. If your institution is slow off the mark in embracing technology throughout the recruitment process, then this can compound the range of enrollment issues that already exist.

Enrollment management – even in the most structured colleges and universities – can be riddled with challenges.



We take the hassle out of your enrollment management tasks, leaving you to focus on nurturing  relationships with the students. Leave the support and logistics aspects of the process to our talented staff and get on with the business of engaging students.

MSM exercises diligence in customizing the enrollment management program for each institution, ensuring seamless integration into your existing direct mail, email, social media, or other admissions campaigns already in place.

Here’s what to expect:
Communication Support Tools
Eliminates the guesswork from your admissions process, allowing you to build better relationships with students, ultimately experiencing an uptake in enrollments.
Stellar Communications
Working jointly with your admissions office and enrollment management department, MSM ensures your institution’s unique outreach and support programs are supported. Benefits include being able to proactively target applicant pools, manage multiple applicant campaign inquiries, and better control inbound and outbound communications that make up the recruitment process.
Uptake In Your Recruitment
And Enrollment Success Rate
Using our multi-channel, integrated marketing and enrollment services, our technology and marketing teams execute a highly targeted campaign that increases student response. Features include integrated voice, digital, and print communications.

Our innovative contact strategies allow you to keep prospective students engaged from the initial point of contact through to graduation and beyond.

MSM can operate as an extension of your marketing and enrollment team by managing each media channel to identify, project, and implement the most cost~effective marketing campaigns. Our strategies are bolstered by our industry best practices and our talented professionals.

We help you maintain consistent, high-level, personal contact with the following college recruiting capabilities:

Creative design
Media buying
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Search engine marketing (SEM)
Pay per lead (PPL)
Websites and microsites
Social media
Direct mail management