Diversify Your Campus

We have the recruitment tools, global reach and intelligence you need.

Your Gateway to the World’s Diverse, Growing Pool of Students

From South Asia to North Africa to developing countries in between with astounding income growth, we give you access to diverse learners you never thought possible.
Ensure Quality
We pre-screen applications so they are qualified and complete
Achieve Brand Awareness and Recognition
We promote your school and programs in diverse markets
Manage Your Agents
on Autopilot
We vet, train and partner with a network of 4,500 agents
Your Staff
We fully on-board our team and yours for seamless work together
Risk-Free Model
Performance-based, no-risk, transparent operations with no compromise on quality
Get 100%
Application fees and tuition reach you directly, commissions paid to agents in full

Empowered International Enrollment Results, No Matter Who or Where You Are

As an exclusive partner in the world’s high-growth student markets, MSM creates real demand for colleges and universities of varying sizes and types

MSM Makes Recruiting International Students Easy

Global Reach For Your
Diversity Goals

Our team of experts on the ground connect
with your target international students and
boost your recruitment.

Save Time and Effort
Vetting Applications

We pre-screen all applications to ensure they are complete, documents are included, and applicants meet your admissions requirements.

Promote Your Programs

Our lead generation, market intelligence, and intuitive AI-powered portal match students with their desired courses, help fill undersubscribed programs, and give students flexibility and freedom to choose.

Take Control of Your

We manage your agents and take the pain out of your inquiry and offer management, admissions outreach, and other processes.

Pre-Departure Briefing
for Students

Before they fly to your country, we conduct pre-departure briefing sessions for your new students and their parents.

How the MSM Model Works

Your 6-step path to international recruitment success and campus diversity - and comprehensive answers to your frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Proven Solutions at Your Fingertips

Global and Country Offices
Our team of experts on the ground connect
with your target international students and
boost your recruitment.
Training and Events
MSM contributes to the international education
community by offering avenues for the training and
professional development of its stakeholders.
Process Management
Stay on top of tasks, from processing student
applications to generating offer letters, with
our team of professionals.
Digital Marketing
We employ well-crafted, personalized, and
high-performing digital marketing campaigns
that attract, maintain, and retain students.

Diversity on Campus Matters

Diversity enriches educational experiences and stimulates intellectual and social environments. It challenges stereotypes, builds strong research and skill sets, and helps generations navigate an increasingly complex, pluralistic society. When there’s diversity in 21st-century campuses, everybody wins.

Our Partners’ Success

Read how MSM has helped make a difference in our partners’ international recruitment game plan - and how their campus communities changed forever.
This college needed - and found - an important vehicle to outperform its peers, employ effective direct recruiting, and develop robust agent channels.
From declining enrollment to tripling its international students in just under 5 years, this university is a showpiece of sustainable success and a campus community that changed the local economy for good.
This MSM Partner is the first to be granted a university title in the North of Canada. Its campus framed by mountain ranges on either side receives international students from 20 countries today.

Transform and Grow Your Campus

Partnering with MSM means tapping into our extensive global network of student markets, affiliate agents and data-driven intelligence.

Let’s start the next great #intled partnership.