Lead Generation

Access the keys to your enrollment goals

Entering new markets and striving for sustained growth includes testing the demand for your institution’s offerings before plunging deep into a new business segment. A focused lead generation campaign helps you determine and even shape that demand.

How’s Your Lead Generation Game Plan?

Lead generation campaigns serve different purposes, which includes helping you to:

Using our very own strategic lead generation systems and methodologies, MSM conducts lead generation campaigns on behalf of our clients to generate qualified sales leads and bring you results within the shortest possible time.

Multilingual Advertising Services

When targeting potential students from other countries, you would want your ads to connect and resonate with the locals.

MSM has a diverse team stationed all over the world to help you create consistent and high-quality ads in their native language, eliminating any communication barriers and enhancing the impact of your message.

Conversion Matters, Too!

A massive 80% of all education searchers end without conversion.

What’s your website’s or ads’ conversion rate? Could it be improved? Are you doing all you can to support existing and prospective students in their decision-making?

Prospective students use multiple online sources in the research process:

The fact that 72% of those researching schools land on a branded website at least two weeks before conversion suggests that the average prospect spends a lot of time exploring before taking action. Your institution must capitalize on the opportunity to reach and persuade these prospects by including a comprehensive lead conversion and nurturing aspects in your student recruitment strategy.