Trailblazers in international education

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Trailblazers in international education

The MSM Logo

MSM promises always to be in action. Never laid-back. Life at MSM is always colorful. Never boring.

The Color

Our chosen color is red. Red is the symbol of heightened emotions, strength, and power. It’s invigorating, captivating, and it’s never boring.

The Number

Within our logo is a stylized “2” that denotes our uncanny ability to immediately double progress and development, thus promising growth in squares.

The Shape

Enclosed in a box colored in red, the first in its spectrum, the MSM logo showcases its deep ties in thought leadership and immediate, actionable strategies.

The Orientation

The wordmark MSM is part of the logo lockup. The logo is in a vertical orientation. This denotes MSM is upright. Never laid-back.

Global Reach, Local Support

We create real market demand and a lifetime of growth.
MSM works with higher education institutions (HEIs) of every size and location. With their sound infrastructure, in-demand program offerings, and our market entry and expansion services, every single MSM partner thrives in the global landscape.

World Map

Expertise in international education that converts

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The MSM Journey

MSM welcomes new CEO, more than 150,000 student applications processed

Embarking on the next chapter of MSM's remarkable growth journey

Fresh Appointments:

  • Raghwa Gopal named as the new MSM CEO
  • Sanjay Laul embarked as MSM Advisor


  • Finalist at EdTechX Awards 2023


  • 150,000+ student applications effectively managed

New Launches:

  • MSM Reporter website launched
  • MSM Unify Agent Training Course launched
  • MSM Unify Agent Connect app launched
  • MSM Unify International Experience Centre opened in Gandhinagar
MSM crosses 1000 institutions & campuses

The MSM growth journey continues


  • MSM Reaches Milestone: Over 1,000 Partner Institutions, Campuses, and 125,000 Student Application


  • MSM gets AIRC Certification for 2022 through 2027

New Launches

  • Australia Advisory Board launched
  • MSM launches MSM Unify High School Tours in India
110,000 students helped, 800+ institutions & campuses partnered

A year of growth and diversification



  • 110,000 students helped since inception
  • 600+ MSM family members globally
  • 50+ MSM GMO partners
  • 750+ institutions & campuses on MSM Unify 


  • MSM Higher Ed pathways program launched
  • MSM GMO expands to Ireland and New Zealand
  • MSM expands to Australia
  • MSM UK & EU board launched
MSM becomes SaaS enabled

A year of innovation and technology initiatives


  • Finalist in PIEoneer of the year award


  • MSM expands to UK

  • MSM starts to recruit from Latin America as well

New Launch 

  • MSM Unify launched 


  • MSM crosses 40 GMO partners
MSM becomes the largest player in Canada* & Expands to US

*With In-Country offices for 20 institutions from Canada, MSM became the largest player in the segment

New Launches

New MSM Colleges

  • Eton College
  • College MultiHexa
  • Taylor Pro
MSM manages In-Country offices for 15 institutions

We added 5 institutions to our offerings.

  • MSM works with 15 institutions 
  • Institutions from 5 provinces in Canada
  • MSM foray into college management with Q College
The year of diversification & expansion across Atlantic

MSM diversifiid into Public-private partnership and expanded to Europe

  • MSM facilitated a public-private partnership (PPP) and tri-party agreement
  • Got our first partner from UK
  • We organized our first agent summit
MSM hits the first 10
  • We have 10 institution partners
  • We work with institutions from 4 provinces in Canada
MSM strengthens its position in Canada
  • MSM has 7 institution partners from 4 provinces 
MSM signs its 1st urban university client
  • Capilano University from North Vancouver  becomes the first university to become an MSM partner
  • MSM expands its student recruitment footprint to Indian Subcontinent and Africa continent
MSM expands its footprint to Ontario
  • MSM now works with 3 community colleges from British Columbia and Ontario
Northern Lights becomes the first MSM partner (MVP of sorts)

Sanjay works out a unique business model to represent Northern Lights College in India. This goes on to become Global and In-Country Offices model later on