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AI-Powered Edtech to Amplify Your Student Recruitment Globally

AI-driven tools and features to streamline recruitment and manage your workload effortlessly

MSM Unify is an AI-powered student recruitment and marketing platform that connects HEIs with top-tier agents and their students worldwide. It allows you to work collaboratively online to diversify your campus and reach the world’s curious learners.

Ours is a marketplace where every stakeholder is able to find a dynamic customer base and relevant services to offer them, from institutions and agents to students and service providers. Our online platform invigorates every aspect of the recruitment process, allowing for a seamless marketing of study programs and seamless global brand-building.


High enrollment rate-based model
High-impact promotions across our platforms, events, and social media
Pre-screened, complete applications for greater speed and efficiency
Program matching for students to help you land the most qualified candidates
Skilled, trained, motivated, compliant Network Partners filling enrolment slots
Applicant analytics based on real data to support your marketing strategy
Through the MSM Unify portal, institutions can readily access:
Your way to MSM Unify:

An education agency on the cloud, acting as your agent globally and enhancing the quality and diversity of your students.

Abcodo Is Your Dedicated Recruitment Partner

We do the heavy lifting to give you strong global visibility

Abcodo is the high-performance recruitment partner of MSM Unify, offering compliant network partners, complete applications, and a wealth of services to recruit students from around the world.


Expect timely payments of application fees and tuition deposits, a comprehensive review of applications to save you time and manpower, and a full service agency where you pay for every successful enrollment, not just every unqualified lead.

What We Offer
Agent Qualifying & Management
Digital Marketing
Helping the right Students CONNECT with the right institution
Alerts to Registration Deadlines & Timelines
Payment Processing
On-Time Commission Payments
High Enrollment Contribution

Global and In-Country Offices: Your Gateway to the World’s Diverse, Growing Pool of Students

Our premium enrollment management service gives you access to diverse learners you never thought possible

From South Asia to North Africa to developing countries in between with astounding income growth, we give you access to diverse learners you never thought possible.
Ensure Quality
We pre-screen applications so they are qualified and complete
Achieve Brand Awareness and Recognition
We promote your school and programs in diverse markets
Manage Your Agents
on Autopilot
We vet, train and partner with a network of 4,500 agents
your staff
We fully on-board our team and yours for seamless work together
Risk-Free Model
Performance-based, no-risk, transparent operations with no compromise on quality
Get 100%
Application fees and tuition reach you directly, commissions paid to agents in full

Empowered International Enrollment Results, No Matter Who or Where You Are

As an exclusive partner in the world’s high-growth student markets, MSM creates real demand for colleges and universities of varying sizes and types

Proven Solutions at Your Fingertips

Global and Country Offices
Our team of experts on the ground connect
with your target international students and
boost your recruitment.
Training and Events
MSM contributes to the international education
community by offering avenues for the training and
professional development of its stakeholders.
Process Management
Stay on top of tasks, from processing student
applications to generating offer letters, with
our team of professionals.
Digital Marketing
We employ well-crafted, personalised, and
high-performing digital marketing campaigns
that attract, maintain, and retain students.

MSM Makes Recruiting International Students Easy

How Our Global/In-Country Offices Work for Your Success

Your 6-step path to international recruitment success and campus diversity - and comprehensive answers to your frequently asked questions (FAQs).
In increasing your international student recruitment, the key is to take control of your goals and targets, dedicated agent network, and brand identity in your chosen foreign markets.
Through MSM’s Global Marketing Office (GMO) model, you gain access to a range of services dedicated to institutional partners.

Pathways for Every Prospective International Student

26 founding members, multiple Delivery Centres worldwide, and pre-departure courses for effective study prep

We prepare international students for entry or advanced standing at multiple universities in desirable study destinations in Business, Science and Liberal Arts studies and more. Through MSM Higher Ed Pathways, we collaborate closely with our partners to offer students a unique opportunity to begin their studies at, or close to their homes, and prepare them to gain entry or advanced standing to top degree-granting institutions abroad. 


How It Works

MSM Higher Ed does this through an established in-house curriculum series that will be delivered in over 50 countries over the coming three years. Students select their destination university and apply to the pathway and destination institution at once.

Designed as a solution to the challenges posed by the pandemic, our pathways initiative supports partner institutions to thrive and international students to pursue their studies in a new normal environment. 

Our partner universities and colleges, also called Founding Members, from destination countries – Canada, US, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the rest of Europe – all aim to grow and diversify student population worldwide. Collectively, they will design the MSM Higher Ed Pathways curriculum that will be delivered in MSM Higher Ed study centres in 50 cities around the world. 

Our Founding Members Gain Institutional Advantage on a Global Scale

We Make International Education Within Students’ Reach

MSM Higher Ed Pathways breaks today’s barriers in international education, such as stricter border controls and the economic impact of COVID-19 to students and their families.

Through flexible study options, we enable students to start earning their foreign credential at study centres close to their homes, enjoy local tuition rates and save on the costs of living abroad.

Our Partners’ Success

MSM has helped make a difference in our partners’ international recruitment game plan - and how their campus communities changed forever.

Transform and Grow Your Campus

Partnering with MSM across its various lines of business means tapping into our extensive global network of student markets, dedicated recruitment partners, and data-driven intelligence.

Transform and Grow Your Campus

Partnering with MSM across its various lines of business means tapping into our extensive global network of student markets, dedicated recruitment partners, and data-driven intelligence.

Let’s start the next great #intled partnership.

Suneetha Qureshi


Andrew Disbury
Jo Nesbitt


Avinav Sharma

Head of Strategy and Operations, MSM Unify and Abcodo

Donna Hooker

President, MSM Higher Ed

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