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Operating in 17 countries, we establish global or in-country offices, manage agent networks, and deliver targeted numbers in student recruitment for a real ROI and sustained institutional growth.


The DOs and DON’Ts of Student Recruitment

Student recruitment agents are reliable partners of global learners in their international education aspirations. They are experts in liaising with institutions, students, and government agencies but their jobs go above and beyond just helping students process their applications.

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EdTech Trends that Fuel the International Education Market

The year 2020 accelerated education technology like never before. Even prior to the health crisis, reports already showed that there had been substantial growth in global online learning adoption. This only shows that digital alternatives to teaching are no longer a badge of innovation-led nobility, but a basic necessity to keep operating.

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MSM Blogs-Recruitment Best Practices That Can Help Agents

Recruitment Best Practices That Can Help Agents Thrive

A student recruitment agent is considered one of the frontline forces in the international higher education landscape. Their responsibilities go beyond taking care of the nitty-gritty paperwork of university applications and immigration requirements. They act as mentors and even confidantes who support prospective foreign students as they leave their comfort zones and begin their pursuit of international studies.

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