Democrat Candidates’ Proposals to Solve Student Debt Crisis

The US student debt is reaching critical levels with 44 million borrowers that collectively owe a grand total of $1.5 trillion in loan debt. Because of this, Democratic candidates have made easing student loan a top priority.  Amongst all the proposals given, the ones by Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders are the one […]

Is Trump Driving Prospective International Students Away?

Recent data shows that the number of new international students dropped by 6.6 percent at U.S. universities in fall 2017, raising concerns as to what’s causing the continuing decline. According to the latest Open Doors survey, new enrollments fell 5.5 percent for graduate students, 6.3 percent for undergraduates, and 9.7 percent for non-degree students from […]

The Effect of Political Tensions between Canada and Saudi Arabia to International Students

Thousands of Saudi Arabian students attend Canadian universities, but the recent diplomatic spat between Canada and Saudi Arabia are hurting that. A diplomatic dispute between the two broke out when Canada urged Saudi Arabian authorities to release activists for the rights of imprisoned women. Saudi Arabia responded by suspending its political ties with Canada, and […]

The Impact of the Four Corners Program on the International Student Sector

Australia’s leading Investigative journalism program, Four Corners, aired “Cash Cows” and it shocked the entire Australia university sector. The said program suspected that some Australian universities shrink their English requirements to admit more international students. Some universities are alleged to use unorthodox methods like combining the results or scores of various IELTS exams so prospective […]

The Unseen Benefits of Brexit

Now that the UK has already left the European Union, what costs could Brexit create? Originally, the UK would have quit EU on 29 March 2019, but was extended until 31 October 2019. While Brexit is projected to hit hard on higher education, many political analysts believe that the UK is losing sight of its […]