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Instructor Workshop:
Indian Students - Culture Education and Tips for Classroom Success

Understanding culture and education experience helps instructors to plan approaches for transitioning international students for success and adjusting approaches to managing the diverse classroom. The workshop will compare and contrast the Indian and Canadian cultures and education systems. The workshop also highlights challenges and opportunities in the classroom and will offer tips and tactics for student and classroom success. While the presenters are practitioners of international education, best practices for each institution generally emerge from within. This workshop sets the stage to begin internal dialogue and an institutional culture of sharing personal experiences amongst colleagues.

Presenters include Suneetha Qureshi, Vice President for MSM Global and Donna Hooker, President of MSM HigherEd

Date and schedule will be announced soon.

Understand your market and boost student recruitment

Colleges and universities need to be up-to-task in educating their staff about the culture and background of their international students. MSM conducts internationalization workshops that introduce important cultural insights about Indian culture and students. These sessions also include knowledge sharing on the latest practices in international recruitment, admissions, and retention processes.