Our Vision

A world that empowers people with education worldwide, ensures their success, and transforms their lives, their families, and communities through technology and partnerships with industry and the academe.

Our Leadership Principles

These principles guide us in choosing leaders and game-changers who will be the right fit for the organization, generate new ideas and solutions to problems, and everything in between. They reflect our collective learnings from the past, desired outcomes in the present, and the future we envision ahead.



MSM leaders never say “That’s not a job for me to do”

Leaders act in the interest of the entire company, not just individuals or specific segments. They are responsible for their actions, and the results and consequences those yield. They can be unyieldingly self-critical, and gauge themselves and their performance against the best.


Innovation & Continued Learning

MSM leaders imagine and dare venture into the unknown

Leaders don’t rest on their laurels and stop learning. They know the work never gets done. They are always curious, often hungry, and explore what’s possible. They put a premium on continued learning and development, both for their career progression and the company’s benefit. They are inventive, big thinkers, and develop their teams to be the same.



MSM leaders reject what’s overly and unnecessarily complicated

They create solutions and processes that are simple, effective, and efficient. They reduce the barrier standing between customers and the solutions to their problems, increasing productivity, satisfaction, and therefore costs.


Speed & Calculated Risk Taking

MSM leaders recognize that in business as in leadership, speed matters

In business, speed is the name of the game. Leaders cannot be overly cautious in their approach, or focus on their personal reputation or the fear of their decisions going wrong. They are flexible enough to take decisions without an inflexibly high regard for market research. They are aware that in today’s world, results and business opportunities are often sacrificed on the altar of extensive study.



MSM leaders know that every single dollar counts

They are resourceful, flexible, and accomplish more using less resources. They avoid unnecessary spending because “it looks good,” without bringing long-term value. They reject the false dichotomy of growth and frugality, believing that growth and cost efficiency should reinforce each other, and the latter makes it easier to devote more resources and capabilities to growth.


High Standards

MSM leaders expect nothing but the best

They are driven by the highest standards in their teams, service delivery, and processes. There’s no such thing as “unreasonably high” when it comes to these standards, whether in one-off or recurring programs, with the continuing goal of pushing limits and raising the bar every time.



MSM leaders hire and develop the best

Leaders have an eye for outstanding talent and work relentlessly to nurture it. They coach and mentor, create mechanisms for people development, and bring out the best in their flock. They ensure that people align to the organizational mission and values, and are stewards of the big vision. They are on the grind and operate on every possible level. They know how to strike a strong balance between managing themselves and their staff.


Decisiveness & Strength of Principle

MSM leaders do not flinch in the face of conflict

Leaders are unfazed by disagreement and differences in opinion, no matter how uncomfortable the situation may get. They stand by their beliefs and are persistent, and do not compromise just to get something over and done with. However, they also gracefully accept decisions contrary to theirs and commit to make things work.


Respect for Everyone

MSM leaders are a bedrock of diversity

They treat everyone equally and do not discriminate against anyone based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, or disability. They encourage respect for others and a plurality in voices. They recognize that the company is diverse not just in cultures but in worldviews and perspectives.


Customer Centricity

MSM leaders obsess over the customer

While they study the market and tune in to the competition, leaders have a single goal in mind: to earn the customer’s trust, empower them in every way, and make their lives better. They foster a positive experience at every step of the customer journey. They collect user feedback, launch user testing, and go above and beyond in customer service.

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