Canada’s int’l student numbers breach 1M mark, more overseas grads working in UK care sector, and more in this week’s MSM Reporter

Canada’s int’l student numbers breach 1M mark, more overseas grads working in UK care sector, and more in this week’s MSM Reporter

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Canada’s international student population has breached the one million mark, based on data from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) cited by The Globe and Mail. This comes as the Canadian government rolls out new policy and the immigration ministry asking the provincial governments to speak with Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs) to “rein in” their numbers.


In the UK, the number of overseas graduates working in the care sector has also surged six-fold in 2023. In the US, the country’s consular team in India has processed a record 1.4 million US visas, marking a 60% increase in applications last year.


Besides these stories of growth and increased figures, our edition this week covers:


  • Ireland’s dilemma of repurposing student housing
  • Australia’s problem of too many international students coming in
  • Alberta international students’ appeal for a permanent lift on work hour cap

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US sets visa records in India through staffing upsurge, innovations, and increased efficiency

The United States’ Consular Team in India has processed a record 1.4 million US visas, marking a 60% increase in applications last year. Visitor visas experienced a 75% reduction in wait times, totaling over 700,000 applications. Student visas hit a record high at 140,000, making Indian students the largest group of international graduate students in the US and comprising more than a quarter of the over 1 million foreign students studying in the country. Employment visas also saw efficient processing, with over 380,000 issued. Looking ahead, a 2024 pilot program aims to streamline visa renewals for eligible H-1B holders. 

Education Times

More than one million people have a valid Canadian study permit

Canada’s international student population has breached the one million mark, according to the Globe and Mail, which cites information from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). IRCC data noted there were 1,028,850 international students in Canada at the end of December 2023, as well as the following numbers: 526,015 international students in Ontario, 202,565 in British Columbia, and 117,925 in Quebec. These are also the provinces with the highest number of Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs), which Immigration Minister Marc Miller previously asked the provincial governments to speak with to “rein in” their numbers. In 2022, there were 807,260 international students in Canada, with the minister expressing last fall the expectation of having over 900,000 by the end of 2023.

CIC News

Surge in number of overseas graduates working in UK care sector

The number of overseas graduates working in the United Kingdom’s care sector has surged six-fold last year, driven by the government’s inclusion of social care roles on the skilled occupation shortage list. Over half of foreign students switching from graduate to skilled worker visas have entered the care workforce, impacting net migration figures. Some graduates willingly choose care roles, while others do so to extend their stay. The Migration Advisory Committee is also set to review the graduate visa route to balance reducing net migration with meeting care sector workforce needs.

Financial Times

Ireland’s higher education minister opposes repurposing student housing for asylum seekers

Ireland’s Higher Education Minister Simon Harris is opposing the conversion of a €57 million (US$62 million) student accommodation complex in Cork into a reception center for asylum seekers, expressing concerns about potential housing issues for students. Prime Minister Leo Varadkar says that repurposing student accommodation is not government policy, while Justice Minister Helen McEntee states plans to communicate the fairness of Ireland’s immigration system to the public. Varadkar also suggests that Ireland may choose a financial contribution over accepting more migrants under a new European Union immigration pact.

MSM Reporter

‘Too high’: Australia getting ‘record numbers’ of international students

Shadow Immigration Minister Dan Tehan has expressed deep concern as Australia witnesses a surge in international student applications, surpassing half a million. He warned that the country is on track to receive another half a million international students by the end of the calendar year, exacerbating existing issues. He highlights the ongoing housing crisis, rental challenges, healthcare accessibility problems, and growing congestion in capital cities. Tehan contends that the current influx of international students is unsustainable, urging attention to the associated societal and infrastructural challenges.

Sky News

New Zealand visa: Application process for students and immigrants completely online now

New Zealand has transitioned the application process for Permanent Resident Visa, Second or Subsequent Resident Visa, and Variation of Travel Conditions to an entirely online system as of January this year. Physical document submissions, except in special circumstances, are no longer required, and applicants can check their application status online. It is also essential to meet all eligibility criteria before applying to prevent potential rejections, and the online system provides convenience for tracking the application status.

Financial Express

China decries interrogations, deportations of students at US entry points

The Chinese government has formally protested to the US, expressing concern over the treatment of Chinese students arriving in America. Chinese Ambassador Xie Feng claimed that dozens of Chinese students have faced extended interrogations, electronic device checks, and, in some cases, forced deportation upon arrival in the US. The protest comes amid efforts by both countries to enhance student exchanges despite tense relations over trade, technology, and human rights issues. Nearly 290,000 Chinese students are in the US or about one-third of the foreign students in the country, according to the Chinese embassy post.

VOA News

Alberta international students demand permanent lift on work hour cap

Student unions and associations in Alberta are rallying together as the reinstatement of work-hour limits for international students looms. They are collectively urging the federal government to permanently abolish these restrictions. The temporary lifting of these caps, initially enacted in November 2022 to address a nationwide labor shortage, is reported to be reversed by the end of April. The Alberta Students’ Executive Council, led by Chair Celia Sutton, is at the forefront of the advocacy effort, stressing the importance of supporting international students, particularly in the face of affordability issues, which have disproportionately affected this demographic.

MSM Reporter

British students not being ‘squeezed out’ by overseas applicants, say universities

Universities in the UK have denied that British students are losing opportunities to international applicants, rejecting claims of lower entry requirements for overseas students. They noted increased enrollment of UK students at Russell Group universities and countered assertions of domestic students being displaced. They also pointed to the economic significance of international student fees, with criticism directed at the government’s decision to freeze tuition fees and a 2.5% increase in maintenance loans – seen as negatively impacting students, particularly those from marginalized backgrounds.

The Guardian

France wants to welcome 30,000 Indian students by 2030 – plans easing visa process for them

France aims to host 30,000 Indian students by 2030, with President Emmanuel Macron revealing plans to streamline visa procedures during his visit to India. The initiative focuses on enhancing academic collaboration and promoting French language learning, despite some criticism about housing challenges. The number of Indian students in France has grown by a staggering 92% from 2016 to 2021, totaling 6,321, making them the third-largest group studying business and management.

Schengen Visa

DfE to investigate claims of bad practice in recruitment of international students

The Department for Education is probing alleged misconduct by agents recruiting international students for universities in the UK after reports suggested lower entry requirements for overseas applicants. Higher Education Minister Robert Halfon cites the need for fairness for both domestic and international students. The investigation follows claims that top UK universities paid agents to admit overseas students with lower grades than required for UK applicants. Meanwhile, university leaders dispute the reporting, asserting unfair comparisons and noting increasing numbers of UK students at Russell Group universities.

The Guardian

Korean gov’t to expand foreign labor inflow to ease labor shortage in 2024

The Korean government plans to address the country’s population crisis and labor shortage by expanding the influx of foreign workers to over 260,000 in 2024, up from 170,000 in 2023. The initiative aims to alleviate shortages in industrial and rural areas. Additionally, the government is enhancing incentives to attract top foreign talent, including expanding science and engineering scholarships, easing visa requirements, and extending job search visas for international students.

Business Korea

Featured Institution - Hartwick College

Hartwick College, established in 1797, holds the distinction of being one of the oldest colleges in the United States and the first Lutheran seminary. Nestled in the picturesque foothills of the Catskill Mountains in Oneonta, New York, the college prides itself on fostering a close and caring community. With FlightPath, their innovative and future-focused educational approach, students embark on a flexible and personalized journey, preparing them for a successful launch into the future. Hartwick’s top majors include nursing, business administration, psychology, biology, and criminal justice. The college emphasizes a commitment to global interconnectedness, promoting thoughtful exchange both on and off-campus, acknowledging the importance of understanding diverse cultures, faiths, and experiences.

Hartwick College

Featured Program - Engineering Certificate

The Certificate in Engineering offered by Northern Lights College is an intensive undergraduate program encompassing courses in chemistry, computer programming, communications, engineering design, math, and physics. Designed as a pathway to a career in engineering, this credential facilitates a guaranteed transfer into the second-year engineering programs at the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Engineering. 


With a minimum of 41 credits (930 hours), this one-year program spans two semesters, requiring a minimum of 20 credits per semester. Students are obligated to understand the transfer terms and conditions, with guaranteed second-year admission based on a minimum GPA. However, competitive placement in specific engineering disciplines is applicable.

Engineering Certificate

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