M Square Media Appoints New Vice Presidents for its UK Business


M Square Media Appoints New VPS for its UK Business  –  Firm in its ambition to tap into the United Kingdom as one of the leading destinations for international students worldwide today, MSM has appointed two seasoned executives from higher education institutions as Vice Presidents for its UK business.

M Square Media (MSM), a global platform that bridges the gap between international students and colleges and universities around the world, is bringing the expertise of two seasoned professionals from higher education institutions (HEIs) into its United Kingdom segment.

MSM recently appointed Andrew Disbury and Jo Nesbitt as its two new Vice Presidents for the UK effective Jan. 19, 2020.

Disbury’s career spans 30 years of expertise in international business and education leadership in countries such as China, India, Scotland, and England. Holding the Pro Vice Chancellor for Global Engagement, International Director and several other positions at four British universities at different periods, he also served as the British Council’s Education Director in China. At present, he is active in the European Association for International Education, chairing its Awards and Talent Committee.

Nesbitt has over 28 years of experience in higher education, formerly serving as Director and Deputy Director at the University of Southampton, with a focus on international recruitment and development.

At Solent University, she consolidated the institution’s international activities and sat as the director of the international office. She is consulted regularly for government bodies, works with the British Council and other organisations, has led several university consortia, and has been an invited speaker at numerous conferences.

The UK remains the second most popular study destination in the world for foreign students, trailing the United States. According to recent higher education data, almost 460,000 international students accounted for 19.6% of the UK’s total student population in AY 2017-18, its highest level on record.

“The UK’s track record over the last 20 years has been to retain its reputation for high-quality, value-added higher education that affords thousands of British, European and international students the opportunity to earn a degree that enables them to graduate into the world of work in the UK, in their own country, or around the globe, ready to use academic knowledge to professional advantage,” said Disbury.

According to the International Graduate Outcomes 2019 (i-GO) survey of more than 16,000 international graduates from UK universities, 90% of the participants are satisfied with all aspects of their lives and careers. Eighty-three percent reported that a UK degree helped them land their job.

”A combination of demographic and economic factors enable more students to have study-abroad aspirations, but the high premium on quality education enabling excellent graduate opportunities is one of the key drivers behind current trends,” said Nesbitt, who herself moved to the UK from Australia as an international student and went on to earn her MBA in higher education management.

“However, international education doesn’t just benefit students from countries such as China or India; it also enables UK institutions to diversify their campuses and raise their quality standards and global relevance,” Nesbitt added.

Sanjay Laul, CEO and Founder of MSM, expressed MSM’s commitment to helping the industry grow further.

He said: “Today’s world is becoming more global and interdependent by the day, so education definitely has to follow suit. We at MSM continue to work with the world’s colleges and universities to reach out to more learners around the world and in turn help reinvigorate their international recruitment and student communities.”


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