On Its Way to University Status, Red Deer College Launches Plan to Recruit More International Students

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In its transition to become a full-fledged university, Red Deer College (RDC) has started a plan to welcome more international students to its campus in Alberta, Canada. 

RDC inked a new partnership with M Square Media (MSM), which will help establish its in-country presence and support its outreach and recruitment of international students from countries around the world, including India.

MSM is a leading provider supporting the international education sector with offices in 17 countries and a team of over 250 professionals in North America, UK, India, Africa, the Philippines, and other parts of the world. MSM has partnered with an extensive, well-trained network of 4,500 education agents to create results for its partner institutions. 

“As RDC continues our bold journey to evolve to a polytechnic university, we are excited to also substantially grow our international student enrollment during the next few years. We are pleased to partner with MSM in this journey of building meaningful relationships with agents and future students who will recognize the valuable education people receive now and in our future as Red Deer University,” said RDC President Dr. Peter Nunoda. 

The projected growth in RDC’s international student population – in a town with a little over 100,000 in population – is seen to contribute to its overall financial sustainability and allow it to continue offering a comprehensive range of programs. 

International students are also seen to increase campus diversity, leading to more opportunities for innovation. More learners coming to the central Alberta region will have positive benefits from economic and cultural perspectives as they live, shop and participate in community activities, according to Dr. Nunoda. 

RDC aims to offer international students not just a welcoming environment and state-of-the-art facilities in which to learn, live and play, but also strong links to the job market as it prioritizes employability in all its programs. Based on recent data, over 90% of its graduates consistently find jobs within six months of graduation. 

Working with dozens of Canadian public colleges and universities in their internationalization efforts, MSM will assist RDC in its on-ground and online promotions in various countries as well as help RDC faculty and staff prepare for change. 

“There will be a learning curve for everyone involved in RDC’s new roadmap. But it truly takes a village, reaching out to qualified students from halfway across the globe and helping them navigate the challenges involved in their study-abroad plans,” said MSM CEO and Founder Sanjay Laul. 

RDC has created a faculty teaching and learning advisory group to institute additional supports for its faculty to successfully teach more diverse groups of students – including Indians, which are one of the top international student markets for Canadian institutions today. 

Dr. Nunoda added: “Hand-in-hand with MSM, we look forward to engaging with partners in the government, human services agencies, and even other schools to make learners from around the world feel welcome and included in our local community.”

Dr. Peter Nunoda

Towards becoming a full-fledged university. “We look forward to working with MSM to assist us in building meaningful relationships with agents and future students who will recognize the valuable education people receive now and in our future as Red Deer University,” says Red Deer College President Dr. Peter Nunoda. 

About M Square Media

M Square Media (MSM) is a leading global platform that provides business development and marketing solutions to public and private institutions in the international education sector. Headquartered in British Columbia, we are a proud partner of 40 higher education institutions in Canada, the US, UK, Australia, and other key markets worldwide, establishing global or in-country offices, managing agent networks, and delivering targeted numbers in student recruitment for a real ROI and sustained institutional growth. With a team of over 250 professionals in 17 countries and 4,500 affiliated education agents around the globe, we provide customized solutions that include digital marketing, lead generation, market entry strategy and expansion, brand development, finance and accounting management, staff recruitment, and local representation. Read more about us at www.msquaremedia.com.


About Red Deer College

RDC has been proudly serving its learners and communities for 55 years with more than 100 program options. It continues to grow programs, facilities and opportunities as it transitions to become a polytechnic university during the next three to five years. Located in the emerging city of Red Deer, it educates 7,500 full-and part-time credit students and more than 38,000 youth and adult learners in the School of Continuing Education each year. It offers collaborative degrees, applied degrees, certificates, diplomas, apprenticeships, graduate certificates, career development certificates and University transfer programs. 

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