The Foundation of MSM

We have created a unique culture at MSM by welcoming one person at a time.

The Foundation of MSM

We have created a unique culture at MSM by welcoming one person at a time.

MSM Mission & Vision

  1. Our Mission
    Empower institutions of varying types and sizes around the world establishing and marketing themselves in new markets overseas
  2. Our Vision
    Making education accessible to students everywhere through collaborative partnerships, sustainable solutions, process and technology innovation, and an unrelenting customer-centric focus.
  1. Our Values
    We are driven by the following core values:
    • Integrity - All our actions and relationships are based on honesty, authenticity, accountability, and trust.
    • Professionalism - All our actions reflect on ourselves and our partners. We act and communicate with courtesy, respect and discretion.
    • Global and regional awareness - Achieving diversity within our staff and program participants helps increase mutual understanding of our world and its people.
    • Excellence - Passion, innovation and a commitment to serve drive us to deliver the highest quality work.
    • Collaboration - Working together creates better results by tapping into our collective wisdom.
    • Service - We care deeply about those we serve—our sponsors and colleagues—and respond to their needs with flexibility, reliability, and dedication.

Education management solutions that create opportunities for all

We think and act for you, and all stakeholders gain from it

Leadership Principles

These reflect our learnings, desired outcomes, and the future we envision.
Customer Centricity
  • MSM leaders obsess over the customer
  • MSM leaders never say “That’s not a job for me to do”
Innovation & Continued Learning
  • MSM leaders imagine and dare venture into the unknown
  • MSM leaders reject what’s overly and unnecessarily complicated
Speed & Calculated Risk Taking
  • MSM leaders recognize that in business as in leadership, speed matters
  • MSM leaders know that every single dollar counts
High Standards
  • MSM leaders expect nothing but the best
  • MSM leaders hire and develop the best
Decisiveness & Strength of Principle
  • MSM leaders do not flinch in the face of conflict
Respect for Everyone
  • MSM leaders are a bedrock of diversity