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MSM works with higher education institutions (HEIs) of every size and location. With their sound infrastructure, in-demand program offerings, and our market entry and expansion services, every single MSM partner thrives in the global landscape.

Partners in Canada

MSM is the largest player in the Canadian international education space. We manage the global and in-country offices of at least 20 public institutions, including remotely located colleges on the Atlantic coast, North Canada, and locations outside of the Montreal-Toronto-Vancouver areas, where international students usually inquire and enroll.

Partners in the United States

MSM amplifies international student recruitment from coast to coast, opening doors to fresh revenue streams and international exposure for HEIs of varying sizes and types in the United States.

Partners in the United Kingdom

MSM delivers a diverse pool of qualified students to the cities of the United Kingdom, where our partners access MSM’s global reach and recruitment solutions. This steady supply of students creates meaningful revenue, helps the UK maintain its top research profile worldwide, and helps fill skills gaps.
London South Bank University
University of West England

Partners in Europe

In Europe, the cultural melting pot of the world, MSM country offices are a differentiating factor, enabling institutions to tap into an ever-growing candidate pool.

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